: Stewed Figs and Raisins Force (979) Scrambled Eggs with Artichokes Fried Smelts with Parmesan Cheese Broiled Lamb Chops with Bacon (219) French Fried Potatoes (8) Small Brioches (878)

3003. Stewed Figs And Raisins

Soak a pound fine California figs in cold water for four hours. Drain and place in an enamelled saucepan with a half pound California seeded raisins, one and a half ounces granulated sugar, the rind of a quarter lemon, a small piece cinnnamon stick, gill claret and just enough water to nearly cover fruits. Cover pan and let slowly boil for twenty-five minutes, remove pan to table and let stand for thirty minutes. Take up lemon rind and cinnamon, pour stew in a deep compotier and serve.

3004. Scrambled Eggs With Artichokes

Break eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, half teaspoon salt, two saltpsoons pepper, and sharply beat up with fork for a minute. Cut three canned artichoke bottoms into quarter-inch-square pieces, place in a sautoire with two tablespoons melted butter and briskly fry for five minutes, tossing once in a while. Sprinkle two saltspoons salt over, drop in eggs and cook for six minutes, briskly and frequently stirring meanwhile, dress on a hot deep dish and serve.

3005. Fried Smelts With Parmesan Cheese

Neatly wipe twelve good-sized fresh smelts, season all over with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, then lightly roll again in freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Arrange in frying basket and fry in boiling fat for eight minutes, lift up, drain, arrange on a hot dish, decorate with six quarters of lemon and serve.


Oyster Broth Tomate (3127) Broiled Devilled Lobster (158) Fried Chicken, Baltimore New London Salad (1745) Coffee Eclairs (2217)

3006. Fried Chicken, Baltimore

Singe, cut head and feet off a two-and-a-half-pound tender chicken, draw, neatly wipe and cut it into twelve equal pieces. Place on a plate, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, turn well in seasoning, lightly roll in flour, shake off superfluous flour, then dip in beaten egg and lightly roll in fine bread crumbs. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons melted butter in a sautoir, add chicken pieces one beside another and gently fry for eight minutes on each side, set in oven for ten minutes, then remove to oven door.

Pour Madeira sauce (No. 641) on a hot dish, then nicely dress chicken over and arrange the twelve Baltimore fritters around. Broil six thin slices ham for one minute on each side, place ham over chicken and serve.

3007. Baltimore Fritters

Plunge twelve freshly opened large oysters in boiling water for five minutes, drain, then cut in very small square pieces and place in a bowl. Drain on sieve a half pint cooked corn and add it to oysters with half teaspoon chopped parsley, three tablespoons flour, one raw egg, the yolk of another, a half gill cream, saltspoon baking powder, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, saltspoon grated nutmeg, and sharply mix with wooden spoon for five minutes.

Thoroughly heat three tablespoons leaf lard in a large frying pan, take up a heaping tablespoon batter and with aid of a finger drop it into pan. Proceed as rapidly as possible with the rest and fry for three minutes on each side, or until a nice golden colour, lift up, dry on a cloth and use as directed.