3236. Vanilla Essence

Procure a quarter pound of best vanilla in sticks, slice on a small wooden board as finely as possible, place in mortar with three ounces lump sugar and thoroughly pound. Remove, place in a quart bottle, fill up with pure ninety-degree alcohol, cork bottle tightly, thoroughly shake, and after a day's infusion it can be used. Be very careful to always shake bottle thoroughly before using, and always keep it tightly corked.

N. B. When the essence is all finished, add one-third the amount vanilla and sugar (prepared same as before) to bottle, also balance of vanilla, fill up bottle again with alcohol and keep as before.

3237. Vanilla Liquor

Cut four sticks of vanilla in small pieces, place in quart bottle, fill up with good brandy and let infuse for eight days, being careful to thoroughly shake bottle daily. Place a half pound granulated sugar with two gills water in copper basin, set on fire and let boil for five minutes. Add all the contents of vanilla bottle, lightly mix with a wooden spoon and boil for ten minutes, pass liquor through paper filter into a bowl, let cool, bottle, cork tightly, and use when desired.

3238. Vanilla Sugar

Split four vanilla beans, then with a knife scrape interior of each stick over three pounds fine sugar. Place sugar in a jelly glass with vanilla sticks, mix sugar well with vanilla, tightly cover and use as required. When a vanilla bean has been used wipe and place it in this sugar.