3239. Orange Essence

Carefully remove white silk of twelve fresh, very sound orange peels, thoroughly dry, place in a quart bottle and fill up with good alcohol. Tightly cover bottle, thoroughly shake, then let infuse for fifteen days before using.

Lemon essence is prepared exactly the same as the above.

3240. Orange Liquor

With a thin sharp knife remove rinds of six sound oranges and place peels in a stone jar with a quart of cognac. Place in a saucepan four ounces sugar, two gills water, juice of the six oranges, set on the fire and stir until melted. Cover, let infuse for sixty days, filter liquor through a paper filter and bottle.

3231. Nougats De Montelimart

Place two pounds honey in a small saucepan and thoroughly heat without boiling. Have two pounds granulated sugar in a copper basin, add a gill cold water, cook on range until it has attained the third degree and then add honey. Beat up whites of three eggs in copper basin to a stiff froth, add preparation to eggs, set basin on the fire and continually whisk until sugar attains the fourth degree. Meanwhile cook three pounds granulated sugar in a separate copper basin until it attains the fourth degree, add to eggs, etc., in basin with a half teaspoon vanilla essence, three pounds shelled whole almonds, a quarter pound shelled whole pistachios, thoroughly mix and remove from fire. Line bottom of a square pastry tin with white wafers, drop in preparation, cover with another layer of wafers, let thoroughly cool off, cut into one-third-inch slices, then nougats are ready for use.

3233. Peppermint Drops

Place a pound powdered sugar in bowl with ten drops peppermint extract, a half gill water, and sharply work with spatula for five minutes. Drop preparation into a paper cornet, cut a small piece off at end, press on a well cleaned marble into drops a half-inch in diameter and let thoroughly dry.

3234. Strawberry Drops

Strawberry drops are to be prepared same as peppermint drops, but substituting a half gill strawberry syrup for peppermint and water.

3235. Kalougas

Place in a copper basin two pounds fine sugar, a pint thick cream and teaspoon kiimmel. Set basin on the fire and constantly stir with wooden spoon until mixture attains a tan colour, drop on a clean marble, let slightly cool off, cut in small squares, and it will then be ready for use.