3213. Currant Syrup

Procure twenty-five pounds ripe currants, place in large wooden pail, mash with hands and let ferment for twenty-four hours, remove from pail and press all juice out through sieve into a large basin. Take up juice by quarts, pour it into a copper basin, add a pound granulated sugar for each quart of juice, and mix with wooden spoon until sugar is melted. Place basin on brisk fire and briskly boil for twelve minutes, frequently mixing and skimming froth off surface meanwhile. Remove to a table, let slightly cool off, pour syrup into thoroughly cleaned bottles, let stand without corking for twelve hours, tightly cork, place in a closet and use whenever required.

N. B. Two or three pounds ripe, fresh raspberries added to currants at beginning of operation will greatly improve flavour of syrup.

3214. Raspberry Syrup

Raspberry syrup is prepared the same as currant syrup (No. 3213).

3215. Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is also prepared exactly the same as currant syrup (No. 3213).