3216. Brandied Cherries

Cut away with scissors half (only) the stems of five pounds sound, fresh, sweet cherries, place in a glass jar, fill up with cognac, tightly cork and put away to infuse for three weeks. Add a pound powdered sugar to every quart of brandy, cork jar, briskly shake, then after two months' infusion cherries will be ready to eat.

3217. Brandied Plums Brandied Plums Are Prepared In Same Manner As Cherries

3218. Brandied Peaches

Peel and cut in halves the equivalent of five pounds fresh, ripe, sound peaches, remove stones and place peaches in a glass jar. Crack peach stones, remove almonds and add to the peaches in the jar. Add a pound powdered sugar, fill jar with brandy, shake well, tightly cork, let infuse for thirty days, and peaches will then be ready.

3219. Brandied Apricots

Apricots are prepared in same manner as the peaches (No. 3218).

3220. Brandied Figs

Shorten stems of about one-half of five pounds fresh, sound figs, place in a glass jar, add a pound sugar and fill up jar with brandy. Tightly cork, briskly shake jar, put away and let infuse for thirty days, then figs will be ready for use.

3221. Mixed Brandied Fruit

Remove stems of two pounds sound (not too ripe) strawberries; remove stems also, if any, from two pounds sound, ripe raspberries. Cut stems of two pounds sweet cherries in halves, place cherries at bottom of a glass jar, sprinkle over a half pound powdered sugar, place raspberries on top, sprinkle a half pound sugar over, add raspberries and another half pound sugar. Fill jar with brandy, cork tightly, put away to infuse for thirty days, and fruit will then be ready for use.