41. Hot Rum Sauce

Place in a very small, clean saucepan a quarter pint of cold water, two ounces fine sugar, the rind of one sound lemon, three tablespoons good Jamaica rum, one teaspoon cognac, one teaspoon good butter, four drops vanilla essence and a very small piece of cinnamon. Mix well, then let it come to a simmering point; thicken the same with a salt-spoon arrowroot, gently mix while allowing to simmer for one minute and a half. Remove the lemon rind and cinnamon. Pour the sauce into a saucebowl and serve separately.

42. Vanilla Ice Cream, One Quart

Six egg yolks, eight ounces powdered sugar, one pint cream, one pint fresh milk and one stick vanilla. Place the egg yolks and sugar in a small saucepan and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Place the cream, milk and vanilla into another small saucepan and let come to a boil; then immediately pour it into the eggs and sugar, little by little, carefully mixing with the wooden spoon while heating for five minutes; but under no circumstances allow it to boil.

Remove it from the fire, pour in a bowl and let thoroughly cool off. Remove the vanilla and strain the cream through a Chinese strainer into a small ice-cream freezer. Place the freezer in a tub, see that the freezer is completely buried in cracked ice mixed with rock salt, then briskly freeze for thirty minutes, seeing that the ice cream is thoroughly firm. Have a cold dessert dish with a folded napkin ready, dress the ice cream on the dish and send to the table.

N. B. Wipe, place and keep the vanilla bean in a small box buried in powdered sugar, and use again for four or six times when required.

Punch Lalla Rookh is simply vanilla ice cream mixed with rum. Prepare a pint only of vanilla preparation, and just before freezing add half a gill good rum. Divide it into six punch glasses and serve.

43. Macaroons

Boil four ounces sweet almonds in water for three minutes; thoroughly drain and peel them nicely. Place them into a sieve and lay them at the door of a slow oven to dry for ten minutes. Drop them into a mortar, with one-half pound powdered sugar, the whites of three eggs and two drops vanilla essence. Pound all well till of a smooth paste. Transfer into a vessel and beat with the wooden spoon until of a good consistency.

Arrange a half-inch tube at the bottom of a small pastry bag. Drop the paste into the bag. Have a pastry baking pan and lay it in a piece of brown paper the full size of the bottom of the pan. Then gently press the preparation down into the papered pan, one inch in diameter, taking care that each is entirely separated from the others. Take a damp towel and drop it gently on the macaroons, so as to shape them perfectly. Place the pan in a rather slow oven and bake for twenty minutes, so they will obtain a good golden colour. Remove from the oven and let them cool. To remove them easily from the paper, wet part of a table, lay the paper over this for two minutes, detach them, dress on a dish and serve. Place in jar or tin those not needed, as they will keep in good condition for "several days.