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Consomme Printemps

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Fresh Lima Beans

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Ice Cream, Chambord

1937. Consomme, Printemps

Prepare and strain a consomme (No. 52) into another saucepan and keep simmering. Cut tender parts of a very small bunch green asparagus in half-inch pieces, boil in a pint water with teaspoon salt twenty-five minutes, drain and add to the consomme; add also three tablespoons cooked green peas, three tablespoons cooked string beans, cut in half-inch pieces, leaves from two branches chervil and leaves from a branch parsley and half teaspoon sugar; boil five minutes, pour into a soup tureen and serve,

1938. Fresh Lima Beans

Plunge a pint fresh, shelled lima beans in two quarts boiling water with teaspoon salt and boil twenty-five minutes. Drain on sieve. Place in a frying pan with half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons white pepper and a half ounce butter; toss till well thickened, dress on a vegetable dish and serve.

1939. Ice Cream, Chambord

Prepare a pint only of vanilla ice cream (No. 42). Peel and remove stones from six good-sized ripe, sound peaches. Press them through a sieve into the vanilla freezer, add two tablespoons maraschino; briskly mix with spatula three minutes. Beat up two gills thick cream to a stiff froth, add to the vanilla cream; gently mix until well amalgamated.

Place twelve lady fingers (No. 150) on a plate, lightly baste with a little rum. Line bottom of a quart brick mould with white paper, then fill the brick half full with the preparation. Arrange lady fingers crosswise over cream, then fill the brick with the rest of the preparation; line with another sheet of paper, place lid on, bury in the ice cream tub and freeze one hour and a half. Remove, unmould on a cold dish, take off papers, arrange a raspberry au kirsch around cream and serve.

Raspberries Au Kirsch

Place a pint fresh raspberries in a bowl, add two tablespoons kirsch and two tablespoons fine sugar, mix well and use.