148. Lettuce Salad

Procure two fine, sound, medium heads fresh, crisp lettuce. Trim off the outer green leaves and stems. Cut the leaves in two. Plunge it into plenty of cold water, turn it over with the hands several times without pressing it, so that it will be entirely free of sand.

Drain it thoroughly in a wire salad basket or cloth, then place it in a salad bowl with the hearts on top, and just before serving season with four tablespoons dressing, as per No. 863. Gently mix all over and serve.

149. Almond Ice Cream

Plunge into boiling water four ounces freshly shelled, sound almonds and let boil for two minutes. Drain and peel them. Place them in a mortar and pound to a paste; add one and a half pints cold milk and half pint fresh cream. Mix thoroughly together, then transfer to a small saucepan, place on the fire and let come to a boil. Place in a bowl six egg yolks and eight ounces powdered sugar, drop in a teaspoon Swiss kirsch. Mix well for five minutes; gradually add the almond milk to the eggs, mixing well while adding it with the wooden spoon. Transfer it to a saucepan, place on a slow fire, contiunally mixing while heating for five minutes, without boiling. Then let cool off. Strain through a sieve into a freezer, proceed to freeze as for vanilla ice cream (No. 42) and serve.

150. Lady Fingers (Biscuits A La Cutllerc)

Put four ounces powdered sugar and the yolks of five eggs into a bowl. Beat thoroughly with the spatule for five minutes. Put the whites of the eggs into a copper basin and with a wire whip beat them to a stiff froth. Add to the sugar and yolks four ounces flour. Mix gently together for half a minute, and immediately add the whites; mix for one minute more and the preparation will be ready. Take a well-cleaned pastry bag, slide into it a No. 2 tube, and with a wooden spoon or small skimmer pour the preparation into the bag. When it is all in close the upper part of the bag very firmly and lay it aside for a moment. Take two separate sheets of solid brown paper, each measuring seventeen inches long by five inches wide, or the same size as the pan, and lay them on the table one beside the other. Take hold of the lower part of the bag near the tube with the left hand and the upper part with the right; press with the latter and drop the batter on the paper in straight strips three inches long by half an inch wide. Make ten of equal size on each paper, being careful to leave an empty space three-quarters of an inch between each. Then with a sugar dredge sprinkle them lightly with powdered sugar three times, at one-minute intervals between each sprinkling.

When finished lift up one paper at a time, keeping it perfectly straight, and shake off the loose sugar, being careful not to let the biscuits detach from the paper. Now lay them in a pastry pan and let rest for two minutes, place in a slow oven and bake for twenty minutes or until of a light golden colour. Remove from the oven, lift from the pan and lay on a table to cool off. Have ready a dessert dish with a folded napkin, then detach the biscuits gently from the paper with the hands, dress them on the dish and send to the table.