Rissolettes Russe (162) Olives

Potage, Mongole

Striped Bass, Mariniere Potatoes, Parisienne

Beef Braise Monaco

Roasted Duckling, Apple Sauce (187) Doucette Salad (189)

Raspberry and Currant Pudding

709. Potage, Mongole

Soak in plenty of fresh water half pint dried, split green peas for twelve hours. Drain on a sieve and place in a small saucepan with half sliced carrot, half sliced white onion, one sliced leek, one branch sliced celery, two branches parsley, one bay leaf and one ounce lean ham cut into small pieces, or a ham bone. Moisten with one and a half quarts cold water. Season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and a teaspoon sugar. Let come to a boil on the range, remove scum, cover the pan and let simmer for one hour. Meanwhile mince half carrot, half onion, one leek and one branch celery. Place them in a saucepan with a teaspoon butter, and brown to a light colour for eight minutes, occasionally stirring. Add one tablespoon flour, lightly mix; pour in a pint fresh or canned tomatoes, crushed, with a pint broth (No. 701), and let simmer very slowly for one hour.

Cut into fine julienne strips one small carrot, one small turnip, one leek and one branch celery and place these vegetables in a very small saucepan with three gills water. Season with a salt-spoon salt and two saltspoons sugar and slowly cook for thirty minutes.

After an hour of simmering strain through a sieve both pea and tomato soups into another saucepan, adding the vegetables of the third pan. Add two tablespoons cooked green peas and boil the whole together for ten minutes. Carefully skim off the scum, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

710. Striped Bass, Mariniere

Neatly trim and wipe two fresh striped bass of one and a half pounds each. Place them in a frying pan with half ounce butter, one teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper, half gill white wine and one gill hot water. Cover the dish with a sheet of buttered paper. Boil for five minutes on the range, then set in the oven to bake for ten minutes. Remove from the oven, lift up the paper, add six freshly opened medium oysters or fresh mussels, six cooked shrimp, six heads canned mushrooms. Cover again with the same paper and replace the fish in the oven for ten minutes more. Remove, lift up the paper, remove the fish with a skimmer, place on a large dish, pour the contents of the pan over the fish and serve.

711. Potatoes, Parisienne

Peel six good-sized potatoes, and with a Parisian potato scoop dig out as many pieces as you possibly can; wash well, drain and place in a sautoire with one and a half tablespoons melted leaf lard. Season with a teaspoon salt and half a light teaspoon white pepper; then set in a brisk oven for thirty minutes, carefully turning over occasionally to let get a nice colour all around. Remove, dress on a hot dish and serve.

712. Beef Braise, Monaco

Procure a three-pound piece of rump of beef. Cut sufficient very thin slices of larding pork to lard the beef all around. Chop very finely together one bean sound garlic, two branches parsley, two branches chervil and four branches chives. Carefully sprinkle these fine herbs on the surface of the slices of lard, on one side only. Arrange the lard neatly over the beef, the herb side downward; tie well with string all around; place the beef in a saucepan, add one sliced carrot, one sliced onion, two sliced leeks, two cloves, one bay leaf, a saltspoon thyme and two tablespoons melted lard. Set the pan on a brisk fire to brown for ten minutes, turning once in a while. Add two tablespoons flour and lightly mix with a spoon. Moisten with a wine glass claret or white wine, one pint white broth (No. 701) or hot water and two gills hot demi-glace (No. 122). Season with a tablespoon salt, a teaspoon white pepper and a branch tarragon. Cover the pan, let boil for ten minutes, then set the pan in the oven for one hour and a half. Remove, uncover, take up the beef and keep warm. Reduce the gravy to a half pint on the fire.

Strain the sauce through a small sieve into another saucepan, add twelve stoned olives and two ounces cooked, lean harn cut into half-inch squares; boil the sauce for five minutes more. Dress the beef on a large, hot dish; untie, remove the fat all around, then pour the contents of the pan over the beef. Garnish with six stuffed tomatoes, as per No. 30, around the beef and serve.

713. Raspberry And Currant Pudding

Place in a bowl two ounces bread crumbs, two ounces picked currants, four tablespoons raspberry jam, two ounces granulated sugar, one teaspoon Maraschino, half ounce flour, one gill milk and the yolks of three eggs. Briskly mix for five minutes with a wooden spoon, then beat up the three egg whites to a stiff froth and add to the preparation; gently mix for a minute. Fill up six small lightly buttered pudding moulds, place them in a pastry tin and pour boiling water up to half the height of the moulds. Set in the oven for twenty minutes. Remove, unmould on a dish, pour a raspberry sauce (No. 714) over them and serve.

714. Raspberry Sauce

Have in a small saucepan four tablespoons raspberry jam with one ounce sugar, one gill water and one teaspoon kirschwasser; mix well for one minute, then boil on the range for two minutes, occasionally mixing, and use as directed.