Sliced Bananas (151)

Hominy (45)

Scrambled Eggs with Celery

Broiled Perch

Mutton Hash, Singapore

Potatoes, Delmonico

Griddle Cakes (9)

715. Scrambled Eggs With Celery

Cut four branches of the perfect white of celery into very small dice pieces, wash and drain well, then place in a saucepan with a pint cold water and two saltspoons salt and let boil for twenty minutes. Remove and drain well. Break eight fresh eggs in a bowl, season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper, pour in half gill fresh milk. Sharply beat up the whole together for half minute. Heat a tablespoon butter in a saucepan, drop in the eggs and celery, thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon while cooking for six minutes. Dress on a hot, deep dish and serve.

716. Broiled Perch

Mix on a plate one tablespoon oil, a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; mix well. Roll six small perch, well-trimmed and wiped, in the seasoning till it is all absorbed. Arrange on a broiler and broil for five minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Spread a tablespoon melted butter over, decorate with six pieces lemon and a little parsley greens and serve.

717. Mutton Hash, Singapore

Finely hash all the mutton left over from the day before yesterday. Peel, core and cut into very small dice pieces two good-sized green apples.

Place in a small pan one finely chopped green pepper, one finely chopped white onion with one and a half tablespoons melted butter and cook to a nice light brown colour, lightly stirring meanwhile; add half teaspoon curry powder, gently stir; then add the mutton, half ounce lean grated (rasped) ham, the apples and half pint hot white broth (No. 701). Season with two saltspoons salt and two saltspoons white pepper; mix all gently together and let cook for twenty minutes, lightly mixing with a wooden spoon meanwhile. Dress on a hot, deep dish and serve.

718. Delmonico Potatoes

Place four good-sized boiled and finely hashed potatoes in a frying pan with one and a half gills cold milk, half gill cream, two saltspoons salt, one saltspoon white pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg; mix well and cook on the range for ten minutes, lightly mixing occasionally. Then add one tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese, lightly mix again. Transfer the potatoes into a gratin dish, sprinkle another light tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese over and set in the oven to bake for six minutes, or until they have obtained a good golden colour; remove and serve.


Consomme in Cups (52)

Toasted Lobsters, Mrs. Potter (2358 ]

Lamb Chops, Re forme

Green Peas (35) Pineapple au Rhum

719. Lamb Chops, Reforme

Trim and neatly flatten six French lamb chops. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, lightly roll in flour, then in beaten egg, and afterward gently roll in one ounce finely grated, lean ham. Heat one and a half tablespoons butter in a large frying pan, place the chops in the pan, one beside another, and slowly fry for seven minutes on each side. Remove,dress on a hot dish,one overlapping another, crownlike, adjust a fancy paper frill at the end bone of each chop and keep warm.

Cut into julienne strips two vinegar gherkins, one small truffle, the white of a hard-boiled egg, six heads canned mushrooms and half ounce of cooked, smoked beef tongue. Place all these articles in a small saucepan with a tablespoon sherry, one and a half gills demi-glace (No. 122); lightly mix with a wooden spoon, then let boil for five minutes. Pour the sauce in the centre of the chops and serve.

720. Pineapple With Rum

Trim and neatly peel a small ripe pineapple. Cut it into quarters lengthwise, cut out the stalk in the middle, then slice each quarter into fine slices; place in a bowl, add three ounces powdered sugar, half gill good rum and half gill cold water; gently turn in the seasoning without breaking for five minutes. Cover the bowl and let stand in a cool place for thirty minutes, being careful to mix in the rum meanwhile. Transfer into an edged dessert dish, pour all the seasoning over and serve.