Stewed Prunes and Pears


Omelette Creole

Broiled Beafsteak, Maitre d'Hotel

Hashed Potatoes, au Gratin

Soda Cake

169. Stewed Prunes And Pears

Prepare the same quantity of prunes exactly as in No. 1, but just before placing them on the fire add six halves of medium, not overripe, sound pears, peeled and cored. If fresh pears are not at hand, the same quantity of preserved will answer.

170. Pettijohn Food

Place in a saucepan a pint cold water, half pint milk, half teaspoon salt and let come to a boil. Add half pound Pettijohn. Mix well with a wooden spoon and slowly boil for forty minutes, occasionally stirring at the bottom to prevent burning. Pour into a hot, deep dish and serve with cold milk or cream and fine sugar separately.

171. Omelette Creole

Heat in a small saucepan a tablespoon oil; add one finely minced white onion and a finely minced green pepper and gently cook for six minutes, lightly stirring meanwhile. Then add three medium, peeled and crushed ripe tomatoes, also three finely minced canned mushrooms. Season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons sugar and one saltspoon white pepper. Mix lightly, then let simmer on the range for thirty minutes. Finely chop together half bean sound garlic with a branch of parsley and a branch of chervil and add to the pan, lightly mix and let cook for five minutes longer. Add one teaspoon fresh bread crumbs; mix a little and keep on the corner of the range. Meanwhile carefully crack eight fresh eggs into a bowl, add half gill milk, half teaspoon salt and a saltspoon white pepper. Sharply beat up with a fork for two minutes. Heat a tablespoon butter in a large and very clean black frying pan. Pour in the eggs, briskly stir all over with a fork for two minutes; let rest for half a minute. Pour into the centre of the omelette half the Creole preparation, fold both ends up, let rest for a minute.

Then turn it into a hot dish, arrange the balance of the Creole around the omelette and serve.

172. Broiled Beefsteaks, Maitre D'Hotel

Procure six small, tender beefsteaks of five ounces each. Pare them nicely and lightly flatten them evenly with a cleaver. Mix on a plate a tablespoon oil, a teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon white pepper. Gently roll the steaks in the seasoning, then arrange on a broiler and broil on a lively, clear coal fire for six minutes on each side. Dress them on a hot dish. Spread a maitre d'hotel butter, prepared as per No. 7, over the steaks, evenly divided and serve.

173. Hashed Potatoes, Au Gratin

Finely hash six medium, peeled potatoes. Place them in a sautoire with one ounce butter, half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon white pepper, one saltspoon grated nutmeg, two gills cold milk and one gill cream. Mix well; let the whole slowly boil for ten minutes, stirring once in a while with the wooden spoon.

Butter the bottom of a baking dish with a teaspoon butter. Transfer the potatoes into this dish, spread the surface with two tablespoons grated Parmesan or Swiss cheese, divide half ounce butter into little bits over the top of the cheese. Set the dish in a brisk oven to bake for ten minutes, or until of a golden colour. Remove and serve.

174. Soda Cake

Half pound sifted flour, two ounces fine sugar, two ounces butter, one ounce currants, half teaspoon carbonate soda, quarter of a pint cold milk and one raw egg.

Place in a basin the butter, flour and sugar, and knead thoroughly. Mix the soda with the milk, and then briskly mix all the ingredients together. Place the mixture into a lightly buttered tin. Set in the hot oven and bake for forty-five minutes. Remove, cut the cake into six equal pieces and serve.