Tomato Broth (2059)

Fried" Scallops with Bacon

Pork Chops, Piquante Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Apples with Rice

175. Fried Scallops With Bacon

Procure one and a half pounds fine fresh scallops. Clean them well, lay them on a dish and season with one teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon white pepper. Mix the seasoning will in. Sprinkle two ounces flour over them and thoroughly mix again. Beat up two eggs in a bowl, roll the scallops thoroughly in the eggs, then roll them well in bread crumbs. Have some boiling fat on the range, place the scallops in the frying basket, shake them well, then fry until they have obtained a nice golden colour. Take them up and drain thoroughly. Sprinkle half teaspoon salt over equally. Dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin. Place six thin slices of bacon (No. 13) over them and serve.

176. Pork Chops, Piquante Sauce

Pare and flatten nicely six fairly thick, fresh pork chops. Season on both sides with a good teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Keep them on a plate for forty-five minutes or one hour, turning once in a while. Heat one ounce butter in a sautoire. Place in the chops and cook on a brisk fire for seven minutes on each side. Dress the chops on a hot dish, pour a piquante sauce over them and serve.

177. Piquante Sauce

Hash very fine six peeled, medium-sized sound shallots, and place them in a saucepan with a teaspoon melted butter; heat well without browning. Hash up very fine six sound gherkins, a good tablespoon sound capers, one clove of garlic, one teaspoon fresh parsley. Add all these to the pan, season with a saltspoon salt and a saltspoon white pepper. Moisten with two tablespoons sherry wine or the same quantity good vinegar if no sherry is at hand, one gill tomato sauce (No. 16) and one gill half glaze (No. 122). Stir all well, let it gently reduce to one-half the quantity and serve.

178. Mashed Potatoes

Peel, wash and drain nicely six rather small, sound potatoes; cut them into quarters, place in a pan, cover with water and boil for thirty-five minutes; drain well and press them through a puree sieve into an enamelled pan. Season with a teaspoon salt, one saltspoon white pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg; add one tablespoon butter and a gill and a half hot milk. Mix well with the wooden spoon, while gently heating for five minutes. Turn into a hot vegetable dish, pass the blade of a table knife over the surface to give a delicate appearance and serve.

179. Apples With Rice

Prepare the same quantity of rice as for old-fashioned rice pudding (No. 140); but when removing the pan from the fire only add two eggs. Dress your rice nicely on a dish, lay the apples on top and serve.

180. Apples For Apples With Rice

Neatly peel and core six medium apples. Place them in a saucepan and boil in two quarts of water with half stick vanilla and four ounces sugar for thirty minutes. Remove very carefully with a skimmer without breaking them and place upon the rice. Take up the vanilla bean and put it in sugar to keep for other purposes.