Carefully singe, draw and neatly wipe a tender five-pound duckling, cut off head and feet and keep liver for further use. Truss nicely and lay in a cocotte or earthen pan, pour in four tablespoons cold water, spread a very little melted butter over breast, season with a teaspoon salt, three saltspoons white pepper and set in a moderate oven to roast for an hour, frequently basting with its own gravy meanwhile. Melt an ounce of butter in a saute pan, add eight medium, sound, peeled and finely chopped shallots, an ounce finely chopped, raw, lean ham, six finely chopped mushrooms, the liver, also finely chopped up, and mix all well together while gently cooking on range for ten minutes. Sprinkle over two teaspoons Oriental curry powder, mix well with a wooden spoon, add three fresh red tomatoes strained through a sieve, season with a little salt and white pepper and cook for five minutes, lightly mixing once in a while. Bring duckling to oven door, carefully skim fat off surface of gravy, pour prepared sauce over and reset in oven to roast for thirty-five minutes longer, being careful to frequently baste it with the mixture during that time.

Remove from oven, untruss and send to table in same cocotte dish, with plain, boiled, well-drained rice, over which you sprinkle a half teaspoon Oriental curry powder separately.