Clean and trim four fine heart sweetbreads, soak for one and a half hours in three changes of cold water, remove, drain well, plunge in boiling water with a teaspoon salt for three minutes, take up, drain and cut into six even pieces each. Heat in a saucepan two ounces good butter, add sweetbreads with twelve peeled, well-cleaned, medium-sized, round fresh mushrooms, season with a level teaspoon salt, a little white pepper, gently toss, cover, then gently cook on range until a nice golden colour, tossing once in a while. Add a level tablespoon flour and two light teaspoons Oriental curry powder, toss well, then add a half gill sherry wine, a gill cream and three-quarters gill milk. Let briskly cook for ten minutes, add an ounce good butter, gently shuffle, dress on a hot dish and send to table with freshly prepared hot toast.