605. Lamb Tongues, Bergere

Have in a saucepan one quart boiling water with one teaspoon salt. Plunge in twelve fine, fat, fresh lamb's tongues and boil for ten minutes. Drain on a sieve, remove the skins, trim nicely, split in two and keep on a plate. Remove the stalks from two quarts very fresh sorrel, wash in three changes of fresh water, lift up with the hands and carefully press out the water. Heat two tablespoons melted butter in a saucepan, add the drained sorrel, cover the pan and let cook for ten minutes, occasionally mixing with a fork meanwhile. Press through a wire sieve and replace in the pan. Season with half teaspoon salt, a teaspoon sugar and a saltspoon white pepper, adding half ounce good butter; gently heat for five minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile; shift to the corner of the range and keep hot.

Heat a tablespoon melted lard in a frying pan; add the tongues, season with half teaspoon salt and briskly fry for five minutes on each side. Dress the sorrel in the centre of a hot dish, arrange the tongues on top, pour a hot piquante sauce, prepared as per No. 177, over all and serve.

606. Dandelion Salad

Procure a quart very fresh, tender dandelions. Carefully remove the roots and stale leaves, thoroughly wash in three changes of fresh water, thoroughly drain on a cloth or wire basket and place in a salad bowl. Season with four tablespoons dressing, as per No. 863, mix well and serve.

607. Neselrode Pudding

Have a vanilla ice cream, prepared as No. 42. Then place in a bowl half pint candied chestnuts, add two tablespoons maraschino, mix well and let incorporate for five minutes. Then add the chestnuts, etc., to the vanilla ice cream and mix with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Fill six well-cleaned individual pudding moulds with the ice cream, place the moulds in the same freezer, cover and let freeze for one hour. Remove, unmould on a dish with a folded napkin; arrange half a chestnut on top of each Neselrode and serve with a kirsch sauce separately.

608. Kirsch Sauce

Gently mix a tablespoon good kirschwasser in a gill and a half, only, whipped cream (No. 337) and serve in a cold saucebowl separately.

609. Petites Bouchees De Dames

Place four egg yolks in a bowl with two ounces fine sugar and briskly whisk up with a whisk for six minutes, then add the whites of the four eggs beaten up to a stiff froth and one and a half ounces flour, with half teaspoon vanilla essence. Place the mixture in a pastry bag in which a tube quarter of an inch in diameter has previously been adjusted at the bottom. Then carefully press the preparation down on a slightly buttered and floured pastry pan to round form one inch in diameter, which ought to turn out about twenty-four. Set the pan in a brisk oven to bake for ten minutes, or till a nice colour. Remove the pan and let cool off.

Detach the cakes from the pan, lay them upside down on a table; then with a knife spread a little raspberry jelly over the top of each cake and fasten two by two. Arrange the twelve bouchees on a small iron grating with a pan underneath. Have in a bowl two ounces glazed sugar and the white of one egg; briskly stir with a wooden spoon for five minutes; add a teaspoon rum, mix well, then gently spread this preparation over the bouchees. Let dry and serve on a dish with folded napkin.