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Italian Paste with Milk

Smelts Saute aux Fines Herbes Potatoes, Pont Neuf (647)

Chicken Vol au Vent, Hay

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Vanilla Souffle

753. Italian Paste With Milk

Boil a quart and a half milk in a saucepan with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and half saltspoon ground nutmeg, adding two ounces Italian paste with an ounce of butter; let slowly boil for fifteen minutes. Dilute one egg yolk in a tablespoon cream and add to the milk; gently mix while heating, without boiling, for two minutes. Pour into a hot soup tureen and serve with one ounce grated Parmesan cheese separately.

754. Smelts Saute, Aux Fines Herbes

Thoroughly wipe twelve good-sized fresh smelts. Have on a plate a tablespoon milk with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; mix well, gently roll the smelts in the seasoning, then in flour. Heat one tablespoon butter in a large frying pan, place the smelts in the pan, one beside another, and gently fry for six minutes on each side. Remove with a skimmer and arrange on a large dish. Sprinkle over half teaspoon chopped chives, a very little chopped chervil and half teaspoon chopped parsley. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over them. Remove the grease from the pan in which the fish was fried and add half ounce butter; toss the butter in the pan on the fire until well browned, pour over the smelts and serve.

755. Chicken Vol Au Vent, Hay

Carefully skin and bone a tender, raw chicken of two and a half to three pounds and cut all the meat into inch-square pieces. Heat one tablespoon melted butter in a large frying pan and add the chicken. Season with a heavy teaspoon salt and two saltspoons cayenne pepper; gently cook on the range for eight minutes, occasionally tossing. Add six peeled, well-cleaned, sliced heads fresh mushrooms; lightly toss again and let slowly cook for five minutes. Dredge in a teaspoon flour, lightly mixing while doing so. Pour in half pint cold milk, gently mix and slowly boil for ten minutes. Add a small sliced truffle, one gill cream and a tablespoon Madeira wine; lightly mix and boil for five minutes; add half teaspoon chopped chives; dilute an egg yolk in a tablespoon milk and add to the chicken; lightly mix while heating, without boiling, for two minutes. Remove and fill up a vol au vent with the preparation. Cover it and serve.

756. Feuilletage (Puff Paste)

Sift one pound flour on a small table; make a fountain in the centre pour into it half pint ice water, adding half teaspoon salt. Briskly knead with the hand, gradually incorporating the flour until a perfect dough; then let rest for fifteen minutes.

Wash well a pound good butter in a quart ice water; then knead the butter on the table with the hand, give a square flat form and keep in a cool place. Flour the table, roll out the paste to one-third larger than the butter, place the butter on top, fold up the four corners to completely envelop the butter; then with the pastry roller, roll out to one-inch-thick square form. Then fold up the paste in three folds without separating. Roll it out from the top with the roller to one inch longer only, of a square form; this operation is usually termed "turn." Give the paste half a turn to the right with the hand and roll it out to the same thickness as before; fold up the same as before - then the paste will have two "turns." Place it on a tin enveloped in a towel and let rest in a cool place for twenty minutes. Then give two more turns as before; let rest for twenty minutes again. Give two similar turns and let rest in a cool place until required, always enveloped in a clean lightly wetted towel.

757. How To Make The Vol Au Vent

Roll out on a lightly floured table one pound feuilletage, prepared as per No. 756, to three-quarters of an inch in thickness; then with a round six-inch pastry cutter cut out a piece. Lightly wet a small cold pastry pan, place the cut-out piece of feuilletage in the pan upside down; lightly egg the surface; then with the point of a knife carefully cut a ring on the surface of the paste half an inch deep and one inch from the outer edge. Be very careful not to exceed the depth of half an inch in cutting, leaving quarter of an inch uncut. Make four incisions, lengthwise, on the centre piece of the paste in the pan and set in the oven to bake moderately for forty minutes. Remove from the oven, lift up the cover of the vol au vent, carefully remove all the uncooked paste from the interior and keep in a warm place until required.

758. Vanilla Souffle"

Cut half vanilla bean into very small pieces and boil it in a saucepan with a pint milk for five minutes; remove the pan to the table, cover it and infuse for fifteen minutes. Place in another small saucepan three ounces sifted flour, three ounces granulated sugar; then strain the vanilla milk into this pan and briskly mix with a whisk for two minutes. Set the pan on the fire and continually stir with a spatula until it comes to a boil. Remove to a table, then add one by one three egg yolks, briskly stirring while adding. Beat up the white of the three eggs to a stiff froth, add to the batter and gently mix with a skimmer for one minute. Lightly butter a large souffle* dish and drop in the preparation. Smooth the surface with the blade of a knife, sprinkle a tablespoon powdered sugar over, and set to bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. Remove and immediately send to the table.

N. B. Place the pieces of vanilla used in the milk in a glass jar and keep for further requirements.