Oysters, Dumas (18)

Celery (86) Caviare (59)

Consomme with Noodles

Black Bass, Mousseline Potatoes, aux Fines Herbes

Tournedos of Beef, with Marrow

Peas with Lettuce Baked Tomatoes

Roast Quail sur Canape (272) Chicory Salad (38)

Petites Precieuses

663. Consomme With Noodles

Prepare and strain into a saucepan a consomme, as per No. 52. Plunge into a quart boiling water with a light teaspoon salt two ounces noodles about two inches long. Cover the pan and boil for twenty minutes. Drain on a sieve and add to the consomme, boil for five minutes, pour the soup into a hot soup tureen and send to the table with about three tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese separately.

664. Black Bass, Mousseline

Clean, trim and neatly wipe two fresh black bass of one and a half pounds each. Place them in a sautoire with half ounce butter, half gill white wine, three gills cold water, one teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon white pepper. Cover the fish with a sheet of lightly buttered paper, place the pan on the fire and boil for five minutes, then place in a brisk oven to bake for fifteen minutes. Remove, lift up the paper, take up the fish with a skimmer, dress on a hot dish, decorate with parsley greens and six sections of lemon. Prepare a sauce mousseline, as per No. 211, adding to it one tablespoon fish gravy; thoroughly mix and serve in a saucebowl separately.

665. Potatoes, Aux Fines Herbes

Mix together in a bowl half teaspoon finely chopped chives, half teaspoon chopped parsley and half teaspoon finely chopped chervil. Boil in a quart water with a teaspoon salt one pint Parisian potatoes for fifteen minutes. Drain on a sieve, place in a frying pan, season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, then add one and a half tablespoons melted butter and the chopped herbs; gently turn with a skimmer, while heating for a minute. Transfer into a hot, deep dish and serve.

666. Tournedos Of Beef With Marrow

Procure six small tournedos (filets) three-quarters of an inch thick and two inches in diameter; place them on a plate, season well all around with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Thoroughly heat in a black frying pan two tablespoons melted butter or lard, add the tournedos, one beside another, and fry for three minutes on each side.

Prepare six round toasts of the size of the tournedos and place them on a hot dish. Dress the tournedos on the toasts. Arrange two small pieces boiled marrow on top of each filet, pour a hot Madeira sauce, as prepared in No. 641, around the tournedos and serve.

666a. Boiled Marrow

Carefully and sharply split with a cleaver a fresh marrow bone, or have your butcher do it. Pick out all the marrow without breaking and cut it into twelve even slices. Have a pint boiling water in a small saucepan with half teaspoon salt. Gently drop the marrow into the boiling water, immediately remove the pan from the fire and let the marrow blanch for five minutes. Remove it with a skimmer and use as directed.

667. Peas With Lettuce

Shell a quart young, tender green peas; plunge them into a quart boiling water with a teaspoon salt and boil for twenty minutes. Drain on a sieve. Finely chop a medium white onion and lightly brown in a small saucepan with one ounce butter. Then add the white part of a small head of sound lettuce very finely chopped up. Mix well with a fork and cook for two minutes, then add the peas. Season with a level teaspoon salt, half teaspoon sugar and two saltspoons white pepper, also sprinkling two teaspoons flour over; toss well, then add half gill cold water. Allow to gently simmer for ten minutes, occasionally tossing meanwhile. Pour into a deep, hot vegetable dish and serve. If green peas are not obtainable, a pint of canned peas can be employed in place of the fresh and cooked the same way.

667a. Baked Tomatoes

Neatly wipe six medium, sound, red tomatoes and cut off a smajl piece of top of each. Place on a tin, season with a teaspoon salt, one teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon white pepper, evenly divided. Divide half ounce butter evenly on top of the tomatoes. Set in the oven and bake for twenty minutes. Remove, dress on a hot dish and serve with a small saucer for each person.

668. Petites Precieuses

Three ounces powdered sugar, one and a half ounces flour, one ounce peeled and finely chopped almonds, four egg yolks, the whites of the four eggs, the rind of quarter of a lemon, finely grated, and half teaspoon salt.

Place all these ingredients except the egg whites in a bowl and sharply beat up with a whisk for five minutes, then beat up the whites to a stiff froth, add to the bowl and gently mix with a skimmer for one minute. Lightly butter six individual pudding moulds; fill them up with the preparation. Place the moulds in a pastry tin and set in the oven for fifteen minutes. Remove, let rest five minutes, unmould, then with a knife or, rather, a Parisian potato scoop make a hollow in the centre of each cake down to half the depth and three-quarters of an inch in diameter on top of the thinner side. Press six preserved half apricots through a sieve, then place in a bowl with the scooped-out pieces of cake; add one tablespoon sugar, one teaspoon maraschino and one teaspoon kirsch-wasser; mix for one minute. Then fill the empty spaces of the cakes with the apricot preparation, dress on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.