Baked Apples (44)

Cracked Wheat

Omelette, Milanaise

Panfish Sautes

Veal Chops, Breaded, Tomato Sauce (55)

Saratoga Potatoes (156)

Corn Pancakes

656. Cracked Wheat

Have a pint cold water and half pint cold milk in a saucepan; season with half teaspoon salt and let come to a boil, then add half pint cracked wheat, mix well with a wooden spoon and gently cook for fifteen minutes, lightly mixing occasionally to prevent burning at the bottom. Pour into a hot, deep dish and serve with cold milk or cream and sugar separately.

657. Omelette, Milanaise

Boil three ounces macaroni in a quart water with a teaspoon salt for forty minutes; thoroughly drain on a sieve, then cut into half-inch pieces. Place in a small sautoire, with a light tablespoon melted butter, one gill hot tomato sauce (No. 16), one saltspoon salt and a saltspoon white pepper; gently toss and cook for five minutes, then add two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese; mix gently with a fork while cooking for a minute, shift the pan on the corner of the range and keep warm.

Prepare an omelette exactly as per No. 75, and just before folding it up spread one-third of the macaroni well over the flat omelette. Then fold up, turn on a hot dish, arrange the balance of the macaroni around the omelette and serve.

658. Panfish Sautes

Procure six medium, very fresh, fat panfish. Neatly wipe and place on a plate with three tablespoons cold milk, a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; mix a little and gently roll in the mixture, then lightly turn in flour.

Heat three tablespoons lard in a frying pan, add the fish, one beside another, and fry for five minutes on each side, or until a nice golden colour. Lift up with the skimmer, drain well on a cloth, dress on a large, hot dish, decorate with parsley greens and six sections of sound lemon, spread one tablespoon of melted butter over and serve.

659. Corn Pancakes

Prepare the cakes the same as per No. 17, but using same quantity corn flour instead of wheat and suppressing the vanilla essence.


Canape, Victoria

Epigramme of Lamb with Curry

Green Peas au Beurre (35)

Custard Fritters

660. Canape, Victoria

Plunge two medium-sized live lobsters into two gallons boiling water for twenty minutes; lift them up and let cool off. Crack all the shells, without injuring the meat, carefully remove, and cut the meat into thin slices. Cut from a loaf of sandwich bread six slices half an inch thick and two and a half inches in diameter; toast them to a nice golden colour, lightly butter the surface, then evenly divide the lobster on top of each toast. Mix a teaspoon of salt with two saltspoons paprika and sprinkle it over the lobster.

Heat two tablespoons melted butter in a saucepan, adding one tablespoon flour; stir well with a wooden spoon, add one and a half gills hot milk and one and a half gills hot tomato sauce (No. 16). Season with two saltspoons salt and a saltspoon cayenne pepper; mix well and let cook for ten minutes, occasionally mixing. Then divide the preparation evenly on top of each lobster canape and arrange a very thin slice of truffle in the centre of each. Neatly decorate all around with six sliced canned mushrooms, then sprinkle two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese over all; place in a baking tin and set in the oven to bake for eight minutes, or until a nice golden colour. Remove, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with parsley and serve.

661. Epigramme Of Lamb With Curry

Carefully pare six fine French lamb chops. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper; lightly roll in melted butter, then in fresh bread crumbs, and keep on a plate.

Boil a breast of lamb in two gallons boiling water, containing a mirepoix prepared as per No. 271 and two tablespoons salt, for one hour and a half. Remove the breast, pick out all the bones, then place the meat between two dry, clean towels, put a heavy weight on top and let remain in that condition for thirty minutes. Remove the weight and towels and cut the breast in six equal heart-shaped pieces. Lightly roll in melted butter, then in fresh bread crumbs. Heat four tablespoons melted lard in a large frying pan, place the chops and the breasts, one beside another, in the pan and gently cook on the range for five minutes on each side. Lift them up with a skimmer, thoroughly drain on a cloth. Pour a hot curry sauce, prepared as per No. 54, on a hot dish, and arrange the chops and breasts in crown shape, one overlapping another, upon the curry, adjust a paper frill at the end of each chop and serve as hot as possible.

662. Custard Fritters

Break five eggs into a bowl, add three ounces powdered sugar, three-quarters of a pint cold milk and one teaspoon juice from a sound lemon. Briskly beat up the whole together with a whisk for five minutes. Strain through a strainer into a lightly buttered tin pan and set in the oven to bake for twenty minutes. Remove from the oven and let get cold. Turn it then on the lightly floured part of a table and cut the custard into lozenge-shaped pieces; turn each piece in the flour, then in beaten eggs, after this in bread or cake crumbs. Arrange them in a frying basket and fry in boiling fat for five minutes, lift up, thoroughly drain on a cloth and sprinkle a little fine sugar over, dress on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.