Blackberries (1925) Force (979)

Eggs Cocotte, Colgate

Findon Haddock (76)

Country Sausages (134)

Potatoes, Saratoga (156)

Buckwheat Cakes (330)

2155. Eggs Cocotte, Colgate

Heat a teaspoon melted butter in a saucepan, add three finely chopped shallots and brown three minutes, then pour in two tablespoons sherry, one gill demi-glace (No. 122), half teaspoon anchovy essence, juice of quarter of a lemon, half teaspoon chopped chives and half saltspoon cayenne pepper, mix well and boil six minutes. Evenly divide sauce in six cocotte dishes, crack two fresh eggs into each dish. Evenly season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Set in oven five minutes. Remove and serve.


Canapes, Hongroise

Cotes of Beef with New Carrots

Lima Beans (1938)

Stewed Prunes (1)

2156. Canapes, Hongroise

Cut from a stale loaf of sandwich bread six slices a half inch thick, then cut slices in two-and-a-half-inch-diameter circular pieces, lightly butter both sides, roll in grated Parmesan cheese, fry in a frying pan with tablespoon butter until a good golden colour and keep hot on a plate. Boil three peeled medium potatoes in salted water thirty minutes, thoroughly drain, then press through a potato masher into a bowl, add half pound smoked salmon, cut in very small pieces, two egg yolks, two tablespoons cream, half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons paprika and saltspoon grated nutmeg, thoroughly mix. Evenly divide the force over the six canapes. Neatly smooth top with blade of a knife to dome-shaped form, lightly butter surface, sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese over, place on a tin, set in oven fifteen minutes. Remove, dress on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.

2157. Cotes Of Beef With New Carrots

Procure two single ribs tender beef. Neatly trim all around, season with good teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. With a larding needle insert a few strips of larding pork on surface of each rib. Heat one tablespoon melted butter in a braising pan, place the cotes in the pan, one beside another, and gently brown on range ten minutes on each side. Add twelve sliced new carrots and brown five minutes more. Moisten with one gill claret. Cover pan and let reduce ten minutes. Pour in one gill demi-glace (No. 122) and one gill tomato sauce. Finely chop four sound shallots, two branches parsley, half a bean garlic, a few branches chives, and add to pan. Set in oven twelve minutes. Remove ribs, dress on a hot dish, slowly boil sauce ten minutes on range. Skim off fat from surface of gravy, then pour contents of pan over ribs and serve.