Blackberries and Cream Quaker Oats (105)

Poached Eggs, Mexicaine

Fried Butter Fish (636)

Broiled Devilled Ham (451) Sweet Potatoes in Cream (no)

Rice Flannel Cakes (221)

1925. Blackberries And Cream

Plunge a quart sound, fresh blackberries in cold water for five minutes. Thoroughly drain, place on a compotier and send to table with fine sugar and cream separately.

1926. Poached Eggs, Mexicaine

Cut twelve quarter-inch-thick slices from a stale sandwich loaf, then cut each slice two inches in diameter. Toast a nice golden colour and lightly butter them. Finely chop four sweet Spanish red peppers and place in a frying pan with a teaspoon melted butter and heat five minutes, tossing meanwhile. Evenly spread over the slices of toast, arrange on a dish and keep hot.

Plunge three sound green peppers in boiling water three minutes, take up and with a coarse towel remove skin. Cut in quarters and fry in a frying pan with teaspoon melted butter to a nice light brown colour. Prepare twelve poached eggs (No. 106), lay them on the toast, then arrange a piece of green pepper on top of each egg and serve.


Chicken Broth (578)

Shrimp Patties (1341)

Boned Turkey with Jelly

Tomato Salad (461)

Rice au lait d'Amande (638)

1927. Boned Turkey

Finely chop two pounds raw lean veal, the same quantity fresh fat pork, place in a mortar and sharply pound. Add two egg yolks, pound again, then rub through a wire sieve into a large earthen basin and keep on ice. Cut six ounces larding pork in half-inch-square pieces, plunge in boiling water two minutes, drain and keep on a plate to cool off.

Cut six ounces cooked smoked beef tongue in half-inch squares and four medium truffles in quarters. Scald and peel three ounces pistachios and add these four articles to the force in the bowl. Place in a saucepan six chopped shallots, two branches parsley, one branch chervil, six tarragon leaves, a quarter pint sherry. Let reduce on fire to half quantity, then let cool off. Strain through a cheesecloth into bowl, add a gill good rum, one and a half teaspoons salt, two saltspoons cayenne, one saltspoon grated nutmeg, two saltspoons mixed ground allspice and two tablespoons truffle liquor; thoroughly mix until well amalgamated and keep till required. Singe a tender turkey hen of about eight pounds, cut off neck, wings and legs. Split through back without separating and carefully bone without cutting skin. Cut away slices from breast and legs and place them where there is no meat, so as to have same thickness inside. Season with good teaspoon salt, one salt-spoon cayenne and one saltspoon grated nutmeg. Place force in centre of the cut side of turkey, fold to oblong shape, sew up, wrap in a strong cloth and tightly fasten both ends and the centre. Place in a braising pan with all bones from turkey, two calves' feet, two tablespoons salt and half teaspoon pepper.

Cover with plenty cold water, place lid on and slowly boil two hours and forty-five minutes, being careful to skim off fat once in a while. Remove from pan, lay on a dish and let stand twenty minutes. Unwrap, wash cloth in cold water, tightly wrap galontine in same cloth, place between two boards, place a weight of six pounds on top and let stand until thoroughly cold. Unwrap, take off string, and the boned turkey is ready to use.

N. B. Always keep turkey enveloped in a cloth in ice box. Utilize the turkey broth for making jelly, etc., as explained in No. 1879.

1928. Boned Turkey With Jelly

Cut in quarter-inch pieces six tablespoons jelly (No. 1879). Arrange pieces on a cold dish. Cut six slices boned turkey a fifth of an inch thick, dress them, one overlapping another, over jelly. Decorate with six leaves of lettuce and serve.