Oysters (18)

Olives Lyons Sausage (582)

Purde of Beans, Honolulu

Horly of Smelts Potatoes, Bernoise (593)

Chicken Saute, Mexicaine String Beans, Paloise (3069)

Roast Leg of Lamb, Mint Sauce (392)

Escarole Salad (100)

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream (726)

2627. Puree Of Beans, Honolulu

Soak one pint red beans in cold water over night, drain, place them in a soup pot with two-ounce piece each salt pork and lean raw ham, a sliced carrot, sliced onion, two each sliced leeks and branches celery, two branches each parsley and chervil and one bean garlic. Moisten with half gill red wine and four quarts water, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, adding half an ounce good butter, cover pot and let gently boil for two hours. Remove seeds and peel a pound piece of pumpkin, then cut it in small pieces, add to soup and let boil for thirty-five minutes more. Strain soup through sieve into a basin, then through Chinese strainer into a saucepan, add a half pint milk, half ounce butter, mix on fire until it comes to a boil, pour into soup tureen and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

2628. Horly Of Smelts

Cut the heads off twelve good-sized, fresh smelts, then split in two through back, remove spinal bones and place them on a dish. Season with a light teaspoon salt, half teaspoon paprika, juice of a lemon and one tablespoon oil, turn them well in the seasoning, then let infuse for fifteen minutes.

Prepare a batter for fritters (No. 204), drop smelts in, roll them well, then drop one by one in boiling fat and fry for ten minutes, turning with the skimmer once in a while. Lift up, drain on a cloth, dress on a hot dish with folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley greens, and serve with one gill of hot tomato sauce (No. 16) separately.

2629. Chicken Saute, Mexicaine

Singe, cut head and feet off a tender two-and-a-half-pound chicken, draw, cut it in twelve even pieces, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Place in a sautoir two tablespoons good olive oil or two tablespoons melted butter, add one bean garlic, heat oil on fire until garlic obtains a dark colour, remove garlic, then place chicken in pan and cook for six minutes oh each side.

Cut a good-sized white onion and thick, seeded green pepper in half-inch pieces, add them to chicken, stir well and fry for ten minutes, tossing quite frequently meanwhile. Add two peeled, finely crushed, fresh tomatoes, mix well again, cover pan, set in oven for twenty minutes, remove, dress chicken and ingredients on a hot dish, sprinkle a little chopped parsley over and serve.