Oysters (18)

Pim-Olas, Tunny (1597)

Potage, Meuniere

Sheepshead, Mousseline Sauce (2536)

Philadelphia Potato Rolls (1705)

Tournedos of Venison, Cumberland

Souffle" of Celery

Lobster Cutlets Ravigote (1154)

Roast Ribs of Lamb, Mint Sauce (255)

Green Pepper and Escarole Salad

Babas au Rhum (687)

2769. Veal Kidneys Au Vin

Remove fat and sinewy parts from three very fresh veal kidneys, then finely mince them. Heat two tablespoons butter in frying pan, add one finely chopped onion and cook to a nice light brown, then add kidneys, sprinkle over a teaspoon salt and fry on open fire for five minutes, briskly tossing them meanwhile. Lift up with skimmer and keep on a plate, pour a gill broth and a half gill white wine into kidney pan, adding a bay leaf, bean garlic, six finely minced, canned mushrooms, and let reduce for ten minutes.

Mix on a saucer a half tablespoon butter with tablespoon flour, add little by little to sauce, cook for three minutes, then add kidneys with half teaspoon chopped parsley, saltspoon cayenne and tablespoon sherry. Lightly mix, cook for two minutes, pour into a deep hot dish and serve.

2770. Potage, Meuniere

Cut heads and tails off four well-cleaned fresh perch. Finely mince two white onions, place and fry in a saucepan with one ounce butter for five minutes, stirring once in a while. Moisten with a gill white wine and two light quarts water, add perch, white part of two leeks, three branches parsley and two teaspoons salt, boil for twenty minutes, then lift up fish and place on a plate. Mix in a saucepan one ounce butter, two ounces flour, and stir on the fire while heating for two minutes. Strain fish broth into pan, add a saltspoon cayenne and half salt-spoon grated nutmeg, mix well, let slowly boil for fifteen minutes, then skim fat from surface. Dilute on a plate one egg yolk, one gill cream, juice of a quarter lemon, and add to soup. Continually mix for two minutes, but do not allow to boil, then strain through a cheesecloth into soup tureen. Remove skin from perch, lift up filets, cut them in very small pieces, add to soup, mix lightly and serve.

2771. Tournedos Of Venison, Cumberland

Procure six four-ounce round pieces of venison from the leg part, neatly trim and flatten, season all around with a half teaspoon black pepper and teaspoon salt. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in frying pan, arrange in steaks one beside another and briskly cook for four minutes on each side. Prepare six round toasts two inches in diameter and a third of an inch thick, place on a hot dish, arrange tournedos over toasts, pour Cumberland sauce over all and serve.

2772. Cumberland Sauce

Place four tablespoons currant jelly in a saucepan, place on fire until melted, then pour in one gill demi-glace (No. 122), half gill tomato sauce (No. 16) and a tablespoon port wine. Boil two ounces well-picked currants for two minutes, drain and add to sauce. Scald in boiling water for two minutes one ounce almonds, drain, peel, cut in thin strips lengthwise, and add to sauce. Boil for ten minutes, carefully mixing once in a while, then use as required.

2773. Souffle Of Celery

Thoroughly wash and drain two stalks fresh, crisp celery, remove green leaves and finely slice stalks. Place in saucepan with sliced white part of a leek, a small branch parsley, a branch chervil, blade mace and bay leaf. Pour in enough white broth to cover celery, season with level teaspoon salt, cover pan and let gently boil for thirty minutes. Remove, take up the bay leaf and mace, then press celery through sieve into a bowl.

Mix in a saucepan two tablespoons melted butter, three tablespoons flour and pour in one and a half gills milk. Add the puree of celery, with an ounce grated Parmesan cheese and saltspoon cayenne pepper, then briskly stir with a wooden spoon until thoroughly boiling. Add two egg yolks, sharply stir for three minutes longer and remove from range. Beat up whites of the two eggs to a stiff froth, add to celery and mix until well amalgamated. Fill up six round paper cases, place them on a tin, set in oven for twenty minutes, remove, dress on a hot dish with folded napkin and send to the table immediately.

2774. Green Pepper And Escarole Salad

Cut a fat green pepper in half, remove seeds, slice exceedingly fine and place in a salad bowl. Remove outer stale leaves from a large head of escarole, detach leaves from root, wash, drain, wipe, cut leaves in two and add to green peppers. Pour in four tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well and serve.