Oranges (104) Farina (74)

Omelette with Cepes

Fried Whitebait (1123)

Sausage Cakes Potatoes, Julienne (799)

Curry Cakes (1112)

2775. Omelette With Cepes

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill milk, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, and sharply beat up with a fork for two minutes. Neatly wipe and finely mince six cepes. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon oil in frying pan, add the cepes, sprinkle over three saltspoons salt and briskly fry for five minutes, frequently tossing meanwhile, then add a half teaspoon chopped parsley and toss well. Drop in eggs, sharply mix with fork for two minutes and let rest for half minute; fold up opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for a minute, turn on a hot dish and serve.

2776. Sausage Cakes

Skin fifteen country sausages, place in a bowl, add a half teaspoon freshly chopped chives and two saltspoons white pepper. Mix well together, then divide force in six equal parts, roll out on a lightly floured table into ball-like shapes, then flatten to quarter-inch thickness. Heat two tablespoons melted lard in frying pan, arrange cakes in it one beside another, fry for five minutes on each side, lift up, dress on hot dish and serve.


Okra Broth (2115)

Oyster Croquettes (1240)

Tourte of Turkey, Helen

Fried Oyster Plants (968)

Pear Charlotte (474)

2777. Tourte Of Turkey, Helen

Carefully remove all meat from turkey left over from Thursday and cut it in small square pieces. Cut in same way an ounce cooked beef tongue, two ounces cooked lean ham and two canned French artichoke bottoms. Peel, wash, drain and finely slice six fresh mushrooms, place in a frying pan with a tablespoon melted butter, gently fry for five minutes, place in a vessel and add all the other articles. Pour in one and a half gills milk, a gill cream, tablespoon sherry, teaspoon salt, two salt-spoons cayenne and one saltspoon grated nutmeg.

Grate a peeled, raw, well-washed potato and add to other articles, with two egg yolks, one teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, and mix well. Roll out on a floured table a half pound feuilletage (No. 756) to size of a pie plate, lightly butter plate, then line it with paste. Trim off at edges, pour preparation into plate, sprinkle a little grated Parmesan cheese over, set in a slow oven for forty-five minutes, remove, place plate on a dish and serve.