Canapes, Moreno-Russe Radishes (58)

Consomme, Farina

Oysters, Mariniere

Mutton Steaks, Marchand de Vin Celery, Braise

Roast Leg of Venison, Currant Jelly

Eclairs, Chantilly

355. Canapes, Moreno-Russe

Prepare six one-and-a-half-inch-square pieces of toast. Lightly and nicely spread a teaspoon Russian caviare on top of each toast. Chop very finely three sweet Spanish red peppers and evenly spread over the caviare. Dress on a dish with a few small leaves of well-cleaned and well-drained lettuce around the dish and serve.

356. Consomme, Farina

Strain a consomme prepared as per No. 52 into another saucepan and set on a hot range. Wash well in cold water four ounces farina, thoroughly drain on a cheesecloth, and when dry drop the farina into the boiling consomme and continually mix with a whisk for ten minutes. Pour into a hot soup tureen and serve.

357. Oysters, Mariniere

Plunge twenty-four unopened fresh bluepoint oysters into plenty of cold water, brush them with a coarse brush very carefully, wash once more and drain thoroughly. Mince very finely ten medium, sound shallots and place in a large saucepan with half ounce butter, stir well while cooking for three minutes, then add the oysters, with shells; add one gill white wine. Cover the pan and cook for ten minutes. Add one teaspoon chopped parsley and half clove crushed garlic. Season with a teaspoon salt and a saltspoon cayenne pepper, adding a gill good cold cream. Mix rapidly for one minute. Cover the pan and let cook again for ten minutes. Pour into a large, deep dish and serve.

358. Mutton Steaks, Marchand De Vin

Have your butcher saw off from a tender leg of mutton three nice mutton steaks of three-quarters of a pound each. Neatly trim off the skin all around them. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper, well divided all over.

Heat in a large frying pan half ounce melted butter, place the steaks in the pan and fry for eight minutes on each side. Dress on a hot dish and keep hot. Add to the gravy in the pan half a medium-sized, finely minced white onion, stir and cook until a nice light brown, then add half teaspoon flour, stir briskly, pour in half gill claret, half gill tomato sauce (No. 16), half gill demi-glace (No, 122), adding half teaspoon chopped chives or parsley and one clove sound, finely crushed garlic. Mix well with a wooden spoon and let reduce to half the quantity. Then pour over the steaks and serve.

359. Celery, Braise

Place a small mirepoix in a roasting pan, as per No. 271, with one ounce melted butter. Let the mirepoix get a nice light brown, then lay six stalks fine, well-cleaned white celery over the vegetables. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; pour in hot water or broth to nearly cover the celery. Briskly boil for five minutes on the range. Cover the celery with a sheet of buttered paper. Set the pan in the oven for forty minutes. Remove, dress the celery on a hot dish and serve.

N. B. Place the remaining mirepoix into the demi-glace pot (No. 122).

360. Roast Leg Of Venison, Currant Jelly

Procure a five-pound piece from a tender leg of venison. Divide the meat into two equal pieces (keep one half for Monday's luncheon). Season the other half with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, well rubbed over. Place it in a roasting pan; spread two tablespoons hot leaf lard over it, set in the hot oven to roast for forty minutes, turning it over once in a while, and frequently basting it with its own gravy. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Skim off the fat from the gravy; strain the gravy over the venison. Decorate the dish with watercress and serve with three tablespoons currant jelly on a saucer separately.

361. Eclairs, Chantilly

Prepare a pate-a-choux, as per No. 336. Slide a tube one-third of an inch in diameter in the bottom of a pastry bag. Drop the paste into the bag. Have a well-cleaned pastry pan ready, then carefully press down the preparation on the pan, three inches long by half an inch wide. Set the pan in the oven and bake for twenty minutes. Remove and let cool off for ten minutes. Make an incision with a knife at one side only. Then fill the apertures of the eclairs with a vanilla-whipped cream, as per No. 337. Dredge a little powdered sugar over them all and serve.