Oranges (104) Quaker Oats (ics)

Stuffed Eggs, Russian

Boned Smelts, Maitre d'Hotel (1267)

Broiled Mutton Chops (49) Potatoes au Gratin (173)

Flannel Cakes (136)

2610. Stuffed Eggs, Russian

Boil twelve fresh eggs for eight minutes, remove, drop in cold water for a minute, shell, then cut them in two crosswise. Scoop out yolks and place in a bowl, mash them with a wooden spoon, then add a teaspoon caviare, half teaspoon anchovy paste, half teaspoon chopped chives, one saltspoon cayenne, half an ounce butter and two tablespoons cream. Sharply stir with a wooden spoon till well amalgamated, then fill up cavities of eggs, join together so they have their former shape, place on a baking dish, pour a Mornay sauce (No. 536) over them, sprinkle a tablespoon bread crumbs on top, set in oven ten minutes, remove and serve.


Chicken Broth with Rice (800)

Lobster, Cardinal (2082)

Squabs, en Casserole, with Grapes (495)

Spaghetti a l'ltalienne (15)

Peaches, Chantilly

2611. Peaches, Chantilly

Peel twelve ripe peaches, cut them in halves, remove stones, then place in a bowl. Add one tablespoon powdered sugar and two tablespoons maraschino, turn them well in the seasoning, then let infuse. Place two gills thick cream in a copper basin, set basin on ice and sharply whisk up cream to a stiff froth, then add one ounce fine sugar, six drops vanilla essence and beat up again for two minutes. Dress the cream pyramid-like on a cold dish, arrange the peaches around the base, sprinkle a little sugar over all and serve.