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Olives Lyons Sausages (582)

Tomato, St. Louis

Fresh Mackerel, Fennel Sauce

Quails, Junipers Potatoes Dauphine (415)

Oyster Plant, Poulette (1129)

Roast Sirloin of Beef (1426)

Watercress and Sweet Pepper Salad

Ice Cream au Curacao

2976. Tomato, St. Louis

Finely slice a carrot, onion, two branches celery, half a sound green pepper and a bean garlic. Place in a saucepan with two tablespoons butter, a pound crushed, raw ham bones and gently brown for ten minutes, stirring once in a while. Dredge in two ounces flour, briskly stir while heating for two minutes, pour in a quart crushed fresh tomatoes (or its equivalent in canned), a quart broth (No. 701) and one and a half pints water. Season with one and a half good teaspoons salt, a teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon pepper. Add a sprig thyme, one bay leaf, two cloves, mix well and cook for an hour and fifteen minutes, mixing at bottom once in a while. Press soup through sieve into a vessel, then through a Chinese strainer into another saucepan.

Scald one and a half ounces pistachios in boiling water for two minutes, drain on sieve, peel and split, then add to soup with a gill cream and an ounce butter. Mix well while cooking for five minutes, pour soup in a tureen and serve.

2977. Fresh Mackerel, Fennel Sauce

Cut the head and fins off a very fresh three-pound mackerel, split in two through back and remove spinal bone. Place it in sautoire with enough cold water to cover and two tablespoons fennel, let come to a boil, then shift near corner of range and let simmer for twelve minutes. Remove fish, drain well, dress on a dish, pour a fennel sauce (No. 2281) over and serve.

2978. Quails, Junipers

Pick, cut heads and feet off, draw and neatly wipe six fat quails. Crush a good tablespoon of very sound, well-dried juniper berries, place in bowl with a half teaspoon fresh butter, thoroughly mix, then equally divide half the butter in interiors of the six quails. Truss well, season all around with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, place on a roasting tin, arrange a very thin slice larding pork over each bird, then set in oven for twenty-five minutes, basting once in a while, remove, take out lard and untruss. Place them in a cocotte dish, set on the fire, when thoroughly hot divide balance of butter over, and, as the butter swells, immediately send to table in cocottiere.

2979. Watercress And Sweet Pepper Salad

Remove large stalks from two large bunches very fresh watercress, wash well and thoroughly drain. Place in salad bowl with four Spanish sweet red peppers cut in small square pieces, season with four tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well and serve.

2980. Ice Cream Au Curacao

Prepare a quart vanilla ice cream (No. 42). Pour into ice cream in freezer a quarter gill curacao, thoroughly mix with spatula and serve same as vanilla.