Stewed Rhubarb (73)

Sago with Cream (1585)

Scrambled Eggs with Bananas

Fin don Haddock (76)

Broiled Devilled Ham (451)

Potatoes, Pont Neuf (647)

Buns (197)

2539. Scrambled Eggs With Bananas

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, beat up with a fork for one minute. Peel and cut two sound bananas in quarter-inch-square pieces. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon melted butter in frying pan, add the bananas and briskly fry for three minutes, lightly tossing them meanwhile. Drop in the eggs, then cook for six minutes, briskly mixing once in a while, pour in a hot dish and serve.


Oysters, Moreno

Calf's Tongue with Risotto

Indianapolis Salad

Peach Pie (412)

2540. Oysters, Moreno

Open twenty-four large, fresh oysters, detach but keep them on then-deep shells, place them on a roasting pan and season with a half teaspoon salt equally divided. Finely chop four Spanish sweet peppers and sprinkle them over the oysters, also equally divided. Arrange a thin piece raw, lean bacon on top of each oyster, sprinkle two tablespoons fresh bread crumbs over them, then set in the oven for ten minutes, remove, arrange on a dish, decorate with a little parsley and serve.

2541. Calf's Tongue With Risotto

Boil three fresh calves' tongues in water for five minutes, drain and peel them, place a mirepoix (No. 271) in a braising pan with a tablespoon of butter, lay the tongues over the vegetables, season with a light teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, cover the pan and cook on the range for ten minutes, moisten with three gills broth, half gill white wine and two gills demi-glace (No. 122), re-cover the pan and set in oven for an hour and fifteen minutes. Remove, lift up the tongues, trim them well, then cut in two lengthwise. Dress a risotto (No. 225) on a hot dish, dress the tongue on top, skim the fat from the surface of the sauce, let reduce on the open fire for ten minutes, strain it through a Chinese strainer around the tongue and serve.

2542. Indianapolis Salad

Place in a salad bowl six tablespoons cooked, cold fresh peas, add two cold boiled potatoes, two pickled beetroots and three slices Lyons sausage cut in small square pieces, six chopped anchovies in oil, one tablespoon capers, twelve sliced, stoned olives and two cold, chopped, hard-boiled eggs. Toss well for a minute, season with five tablespoons salad dressing (No. 863), thoroughly mix, neatly wipe the bowl around and serve.