Stewed Prunes and Peaches (169)

Wheaten Grits (131)

Eggs, Omar Pasha

Broiled Beefsteaks (172)

Potatoes, Lyonnaise (78)

Scotch Scones

362. Stewed Prunes And Peaches

Prepare the above exactly the same as per No. 169, using same quantity of peaches instead of the pears.

363. Eggs, Omar Pasha

Poach twelve fresh eggs, as per No. 106. Lay two on each of six individual shirred-egg dishes and keep warm. Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a small saucepan, add two tablespoons flour and thoroughly stir for one minute, then add two gills hot milk and briskly whisk until it comes to a boil. Season with half teaspoon salt, a saltspoon cayenne pepper and half saltspoon grated nutmeg, adding two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese and one raw egg yolk. Sharply whisk for two minutes, then equally divide the same over the eggs. Sprinkle half teaspoon grated Parmesan cheese over the eggs in each dish. Place in a hot oven to bake for three minutes. Remove and serve.

364. Scotch Scones

Half pound sifted flour, one teaspoon baking powder, half pint cold milk and two saltspoons salt. Place the flour in a bowl, make a small fountain in the centre, place all the ingredients in it; then knead it thoroughly with the hand to a thick paste. Roll it out to the thickness of an inch. Cut the paste into six equal square parts. Lightly butter a frying pan, heat it thoroughly, then place the scones in the pan, one beside another; set in a hot oven and when a good golden colour, which will take about twenty minutes, remove and serve.


Broiled Lobster, Sauce Ravigote

Squab Pot Pie

Omelette with Parmesan Cheese

Angel Cake

365. Broiled Lobster, Sauce Ravigote

Cut away the large and small claws from three live lobsters of one and a quarter pounds each. Split each one in two; arrange on a double broiler; season with a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons paprika and baste with a tablespoon oil. Crack the claws with a cleaver, place in a small tin and bake in the hot oven for twenty minutes. Broil the six half lobsters on a brisk fire, the cut parts upward, for ten minutes; then place in a hot oven to bake for ten minutes more. Nicely dress all the lobsters on a large, hot dish with a folded napkin and serve with a hot Ravigote sauce (No. 366) in a bowl separately.

366. Sauce Ravigote, Hot

Place in a mortar three anchovies in oil, two sound gherkins, one sound, medium shallot, one tablespoon freshly chopped parsley, one tablespoon chopped tarragon, half tablespoon chervil. Pound all well for five minutes, or until a fine paste; then rub through a fine sieve. Place in a small saucepan, add six tablespoons thick, hot cream; briskly whisk on the corner of the range for two minutes, then add one egg yolk; briskly stir for two minutes; add another egg yolk, briskly stir, then add another one and briskly whisk for five minutes. Remove the pan from the range; season with a good saltspoon salt and a saltspoon cayenne pepper. Stir for one minute more and serve.

367. Squab Pot Pie

Singe, and remove the heads and feet of six fat, fresh squabs. Draw, wipe neatly and cut into six pieces each. Place in a medium-sized saucepan half ounce melted butter, two finely chopped white onions, half a chopped green pepper and one ounce salt pork cut into small, square pieces; stir well with a wooden spoon until a nice light brown colour; then add the squabs and cook until they attain a good golden colour, being careful to mix with the spoon once in a while. Then gradually add two tablespoons flour, briskly mix for two minutes; add one quart hot broth or hot water and mix well again for two minutes. Add one carrot cut in quarters, three leeks, tied up with four branches parsley and two bay leaves. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper, mix well for another minute; cover the pan and let gently simmer for twenty-five minutes. Remove the tied-up herbs and carrots. Skim the fat from the surface of the broth, etc. Transfer the preparation into a deep pie dish. Sprinkle a tablespoon chopped parsley over; cover the pie with a pie paste (No. 117); trim well all around, then set in a hot oven to bake for seventeen minutes.

Remove and serve.

368. Omelette With Parmesan Cheese

Break eight fresh eggs into a bowl. Season with half teaspoon salt, half saltspoon cayenne pepper; add half gill cold milk; briskly beat up with a whisk for two minutes. Add two ounces grated Parmesan cheese; lightly mix, then proceed to make the omelette as per No. 75, and serve very hot.

369. Angel Cake

Beat up to a stiff froth six egg whites; then gently mix in three-quarters of an ounce powdered sugar and one ounce sifted flour, then thoroughly mix for one minute; transfer it into a lightly buttered pan and bake in a moderate oven for twenty minutes. Remove from the oven and let get cold. Cut the cake into six equal pieces and serve on a dish with a folded napkin.