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Mulligatawney, Manila

Salmon, Demidoff Potatoes, Lorette

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370. Mulligatawney, Manila

Have the following articles ready: Half sliced carrot, one medium sliced onion, half medium sliced turnip, one sliced leek, one branch sliced white celery, one sliced parsley root, quarter of medium sliced eggplant, two sprigs bay leaf, one of thyme, two medium, ripe, sliced tomatoes, two sliced shallots, one bean sound, crushed garlic, one sound, sliced apple, one sliced green pepper, half ounce lean raw ham or bacon cut into small dice pieces, two cloves and one piece lemon rind.

Heat one ounce butter in a saucepan, add all the above ingredients and gently brown them for five minutes, mixing well with the spatule. Add one tablespoon flour, mix all well and allow to briskly cook for eight minutes, mixing with the spatule once in a while. Moisten with two and a half quarts hot broth (No. 701). Mix well with a spoon; season with a light tablespoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper, a light saltspoon cayenne pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg, adding one good teaspoon curry powder diluted in a little water. Mix well again with the spoon and let gently simmer for one hour. Skim the fat off the surface; pass it through a strainer into another saucepan; add a tablespoon cocoanut milk or a tablespoon sweet cream, two tablespoons boiled rice and two tablespoons cooked chicken cut into very small dice; mix a little while heating, but be very careful not to allow the soup to boil again after the cocoanut has been added. Pour into a hot soup tureen and serve.

371. Salmon, Demidoff

Procure three slices fresh salmon one inch thick; place them in a saucepan with one gill white wine, one gill fish broth or water; half ounce good butter, one teaspoon salt and a saltspoon white pepper. Cover the fish with a buttered paper; place the saucepan on the fire, and as soon as it comes to a boil place the pan in a hot oven and bake for ten minutes. Remove from the oven; lift the pieces of fish from the pan with a skimmer, place on a hot dish and keep warm.

Place the pan with the gravy on the fire and let reduce to one-quarter, which will take about five minutes; then strain through a cheesecloth into another saucepan, adding three egg yolks; sharply mix with a whisk for three minutes on the corner of the range. Drop in, little by little, two tablespoons very hot melted butter, continually stirring without allowing it to boil. Then pour the sauce over the salmon. Place six very thin slices of truffles on top of the salmon and serve.

372. Potatoes, Lorette

Have the same quantity of potato preparation as per potato brioche (No. 91). Divide it into six equal parts. Roll out each part on a lightly floured table to the thickness of a pencil, then cut into pieces two inches long. Gently place in a frying basket and fry in boiling fat for two minutes; lift up, thoroughly drain; sprinkle a half teaspoon salt over them; dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin and serve.