373. Tenderloin Of Beef, Trevise

Have a piece of tenderloin of beef larded and cooked exactly the same as per No. 144. When cooked, remove it from the pan, lay it on a hot dish and keep warm. Skim the fat from the surface of the gravy; place the pan on the fire, pour in half gill tomato sauce (No. 16) and half gill demi-glace (No. 122); thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon; let boil for five minutes; strain the sauce through a Chinese strainer over the filet. Arrange six medium stuffed tomatoes (No. 30) around the filet and serve.

374. Sweetbreads Braise, Czarina

Blanch six heart sweetbreads as per No. 33,. Neatly trim them all round. Cut two ounces lean raw ham into thin strips one inch long; then with the aid of a larding needle carefully lard the top of the breads. Finely slice one small carrot, one small white onion, two branches celery, two branches parsley and one ounce larding pork. Place these articles in a sautoire with half ounce butter; lay the breads on top, sprinkle over a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Set the pan on the fire and nicely fry for six minutes. Pour in one gill white wine, then let reduce to almost a glaze. Pour in two gills hot broth (No. 701). Cover the breads with a buttered paper, then set in the oven for thirty-five minutes. Remove, lift up the breads with a fork, lay on a baking dish, one beside another. Skim the fat from the surface of gravy. Heat in a small saucepan a tablespoon fresh butter, add six finely sliced, freshly peeled mushrooms and fry for five minutes, then mix in one ounce flour, pour in half gill cream and strain in the gravy of the sweetbreads; briskly mix until it comes to a boil; then add one egg yolk, sharply mix for one minute. Pour the* sauce over the breads. Sprinkle a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese over the breads.

Set the dish in the oven to bake for ten minutes, or till a good golden colour. Remove and serve.

375. Peas With Mint

Open a pint can of green peas; suppress the water, plunge them in slightly salted boiling water and boil for two minutes. Drain, then place in a saucepan with a teaspoon butter, half teaspoon salt, one salt-spoon white pepper, half teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon very fresh, finely chopped mint. Toss all well on the fire for one minute and serve in a hot vegetable dish.

376. Lemon Ice

Place in a bowl half pound granulated sugar, one quart lukewarm water; squeeze in the juice of three medium, sound lemons, the grated rind of one lemon and the white of an egg. Briskly mix with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Strain through a Chinese strainer into a small ice-cream freezer. Cover the freezer, place in a tub with broken ice mixed with rock salt all round; then freeze for thirty-five minutes.

377. Punch Aux Roses

Pour a tablespoon rose flavouring into the freezer of the above lemon water ice when ready; mix well with the wooden spoon, then fill up six sherbet glasses and serve.