Procure a nice, tender, fairly good-sized fresh ham, lay on table and sharply rub with three pounds fine salt for twenty minutes. Place ham on a board with a heavy weight on top and let stand for twelve hours. Add three pounds salt, six ounces saltpetre, and sharply rub again for twenty minutes. Place half the salt at bottom of a wooden pail, lay ham over, place the other salt on top of ham, lay a board over all with a heavy weight on top, and let stand in a cool place for eight days. Pour ham liquor in a saucepan, with a half pint red wine, sprig thyme, two bay leaves, a tablespoon allspice, two cloves, and boil for five minutes. Remove and cool, take up ham from pail, carefully rub all over with liquor, replace in pail with salt underneath and on top and let infuse for twelve days, turning ham twice or three times a day. Remove, hang up in a dry place for three or four days, envelop in a bag, and ham will then be ready for use. Always be careful to keep it hung up in a cool place. Preparing in same manner as above, but at beginning of operation scooping out marrow from leg bone and filling with strong brandy, closing with cork as you would a bottle, will improve and give an excellent additional flavor to the ham.