Place in a tureen two pounds thoroughly picked Corinth raisins, two pounds Smyrna raisins, a pound seeded Malaga raisins, half pound each chopped candied lemon and orange peel, four ounces chopped candied ginger, and add grated rind of an orange and a sound lemon. Pour in a gill good rum and half gill brandy, mix all well together and let infuse for an hour. Place one and a half pounds of good butter in a lukewarm earthen tureen and sharply work with a wooden spoon until creamy. Add a pound powdered sugar, sharply mix for a minute and add one by one twelve fresh eggs, continually and briskly mixing while adding. Add one and a half pounds sifted flour, stir well, then add raisins, etc., with a gill molasses, tablespoon powdered cinnamon, a half teaspoon each nutmeg, allspice, ground mace, ground cloves and salt, and mix well together for five minutes. Have a wedding-cake mould three inches high by eight inches in diameter, lightly butter, then line interior with a sheet of buttered white paper and drop preparation into it. Neatly smooth the surface, set in a slow oven for an hour, bring to oven door, place a double sheet buttered paper on top and reset in oven for three hours.

Remove, lay on a table, lift paper off top, then pour over a half gill rum, let rest for four hours, unmould on a wire pastry grating and remove paper. Sharply knead in a saucepan a half pound glazed sugar with the white of an egg, beat up with spatula for five minutes and carefully glaze cake on top and all around, being careful that glaze is well spread all over and neatly smoothed, then let dry for one hour. Place a fancy paper on a round wooden board same size as cake, but have paper a little wider than board, and place wedding-bell in centre of cake. Place in a bowl the white of half an egg, two ounces glazed sugar, six drops vanilla essence, and sharply mix with a wooden spoon for eight minutes. Slide a small fancy tube in at bottom of pastry bag, drop in preparation, and with it decorate surface and all around edges according to taste. The cake will then be ready.

3176. Birthday Cake

Place in a basin twelve egg yolks with twelve ounces sugar, a teaspoon vanilla essence, and sharply whisk for fifteen minutes. Work a pound of fresh butter in a bowl with a wooden spoon for five minutes, add to yolks, mix well, beat up whites of the twelve eggs to a stiff froth and add to yolks. Mix with a skimmer until well amalgamated, add one and a half pounds sifted flour with two saltspoons salt, and gently but thoroughly mix with the skimmer. Have a lightly buttered, plain, flat mould eight inches wide and three inches high, line interior with a buttered paper, drop in preparation, neatly smooth surface, set in oven for one and a half hours, remove, let rest for one and a half hours, then turn on a wire pastry grating and remove paper. Mix in a bowl four ounces glazed sugar, the white of an egg, and evenly spread sugar over cake. Decorate surface with assorted candied fruits cut in very small pieces, place cake on silver dish with a folded napkin, arrange small candles all around and light them just before sending to table.