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Rice Soup, Smyrna

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2503. Rice Soup, Smyrna

Place in a saucepan a very small knuckle of veal and one pound of shin of beef with four quarts water, season with a teaspoon salt, let come to a boil, then skim the scum from the surface, add a carrot cut in quarters, an onion with two cloves stuck in it, one turnip, two leeks, two branches celery and one branch parsley. Tie in a thin piece of cloth a sprig of thyme, one bay leaf and a blade of mace, and add to the soup, cover the pan and let slowly boil for two hours and a half, skimming off the fat once in a while. Strain the broth through cheesecloth into another saucepan. Dilute a saltspoon Spanish saffron in a tablespoon water, strain and add to the soup, add three ounces raw rice, with half teaspoon chopped parsley and the leaves from two branches chervil, then boil for twenty-five minutes. Pick stems from two ounces Smyrna or California seeded raisins and add to the soup, boil for ten minutes more, pour the soup into a tureen and serve.