Place two pounds granulated sugar with a teaspoon vanilla essence (No. 3236) in a coppper basin, add a half pint cold water, place basin on a brisk fire and cook till it has attained the third degree. Then drop in a pound fine, large, unpeeled, almonds, stir well with wooden spoon and let briskly boil for three minutes. Briskly stir with a wooden spoon until sugar granulates, place almonds and sugar in a colander and briskly shake, so as to separate. Place almonds in the copper basin, stir with wooden spoon on the fire until sugar adhering is thoroughly melted, then add the other sugar, and as soon as all the sugar is dissolved immediately pour almonds on a marble slab, separate from one another, place on a paper and let get cold. Place a tablespoon gum arabic in a basin with two tablespoons water, dissolve gum, add pralines, toss well, then place all at once on a sieve. Keep sieve in a hot place till thoroughly dry and pralines will be ready.

3232. Praline

Place two pounds granulated sugar in a copper basin, add two gills water, set basin on the fire, add a split vanilla stick and cook sugar until it attains the fourth degree. Drop in all at once a pound of whole unpeeled almonds, continually stir with spatula until a nice light brown colour, remove, drop praline on a lightly oiled marble, let thoroughly cool off, crack in pieces and use as required.