Have in a vessel a pound sifted yellow cornmeal flour and four ounces sifted wheat flour, pour over a pint and a light gill boiling milk and briskly stir with wooden spatula until tepid. Beat up two fresh eggs in a bowl for two minutes, add one and a half gills lukewarm ferment (No. 3292), a teaspoon each salt and fine sugar, tablespoon good honey, light tablespoon melted fresh butter, and ten shelled, thoroughly scalded, peeled and finely pounded almonds, whisk well for three minutes, add to flour, and sharply mix the whole well together for twenty-five minutes with spatula. Have a pastry pan well greased with melted lard, butter well interiors of twelve muffin-ring moulds and lay moulds in pan. With a spoon fill them up to three-quarters of their height, cover with a paper and place them in temperature of 80 degrees for one and a half hours to rise. Remove paper and set in oven to bake for about thirty-five to forty minutes, or until a nice golden colour, remove, unmould, dress on hot dish enveloped in a napkin and serve with butter. Grease well a small square pan, place in it the remaining dough, well spread, cover and set to rise in temperature of 80 degrees for one and a half to two hours. Uncover and set to bake until of a nice light brown, or about one hour, turning pan around two or three times after twenty minutes of baking.

Remove and serve for next occasion, cut up in any shaped slice desired.