Have three ordinary low-edged tins (used for this purpose only). With the hands roll out remaining pound of chocolate to a long, thin, round, flute-like shape, then divide into small pieces the size of good-sized hazel nuts, roll with the fingers into balls and lay on tins a half inch apart. Take hold of a corner of each tin with the hand and slightly knock on table, so as to have the pastilles in a nice, round, smooth shape of about a half inch in diameter. As soon as a tin is full place it directly on the ice, and when another is ready place it alongside the first. When the third is finished the one first put on ice should be quite hard enough; remove and place the last one in its place and let stand until hard. Remove from ice, spread a large sheet of white paper on table, turn tins upside down and sharply shake off pastilles from pans. Dress on a dessert dish over a fancy paper and serve, or place in a tin box, tightly cover, place in a cool spot and use as required.

N. B. Cacao shells should never be thrown away. Prepared as you would prepare tea, they make an excellent stomach-fortifying tonic. Place a tablespoon shells in a teapot, pour boiling water over, allow to infuse for ten minutes, strain and serve. Place shells in a covered tin, keep in a cool place and use as desired.