(To roast cacao for the chocolate) Procure a half pound each Caracas and Puerto Cabello raw cacao in shell, being careful to select nuts intact, that is to say, not bruised or broken. Should there be any broken ones among them lay aside for further action. Place cacao in a small coffee roaster, close cover, place over a clear fire on range (the entire barrel of roaster over fire), and gently turn at the rate of twenty turns per minute, continuing for twelve minutes without ceasing. Rapidly take roaster from its stand, briskly shake barrel, immediately replace it on stand and rapidly resume gentle turning at same rate for eight minutes longer. Remove it again, and should there be any bruised or broken cacao left add to the other, tightly slide cover on, briskly shake, replace on fire and roast again same as before, but for six minutes only. Remove cacao from roaster to a tin, cover with a dry cloth and let cool for ten minutes. Carefully shell cacao, place latter in a tin and shells in a bowl, keeping them for future use. Briskly shuffle cacao in tin pan and blow off all remnants of shells.

N. B. If no coffee roaster is on hand to roast cacao then use an un-tinned kitchen basin and roast in oven to a good golden brown.

3312. How To Prepare The Chocolate

Pour some boiling water in a stone mortar to heat it well, remove, wipe dry, then place cacao in mortar and with stone-pounder, also warmed up, crush to a fine powder. Cut one-third of a bean best vanilla into exceedingly small pieces and add to cacao, sharply pound again for thirty minutes or till completely free from grit, detaching pulp with a spoon from around mortar once in a while. Gradually add a pound sifted fine sugar to the cacao, and vigorously pound again until a fine paste totally free from any clots. Take up pulp from mortar, roll it into a ball and sharply flatten between the hands. Repeat this three times. To have chocolate right the temperature where it is worked should be not less than 70 degrees.

Have two eight-sectioned chocolate moulds, each section to hold an ounce. Divide chocolate in two equal parts, then divide one part in half. Roll out these halves with the hands to length of mould and neatly and carefully spread it out equally to fully cover all sections of mould. Lift up mould by taking hold in centre of the narrow sides with thumb and finger and gently knock on table till chocolate is equally and smoothly spread in all the sections. Proceed with other half in same manner, then place both moulds on top of ice for thirty minutes, or until perfectly hard. Remove from ice, unmould, wrap in chocolate tinfoil, place in tin box, tightly cover, place in a dry, cool place and use when desired.

3314. Plain Chocolate

Have an earthen pot on range with a half pint cold water. Take six (if desired strong, four if desired not quite so strong) tablets of the prepared chocolate (No. 3312), break into powder and add to water, then stir with wooden spoon until thoroughly dissolved. Pour a quart boiling water over, briskly mix with wooden spoon and allow to gently simmer for ten minutes, frequently mixing meanwhile. Pour into a hot pitcher and send to table with six chocolate cups and fine sugar separately.

3315. Chocolate With Milk

Have in an earthen pot on the range a pint of cold water, crumble four ounces prepared chocolate (No. 3312), add to pot and briskly mix with a very clean wooden spoon till completely dissolved. Gradually add a quart fresh milk, mix well, let gently come to a boiling point, frequently mixing with wooden spoon meanwhile, pour into a hot pitcher and serve in six chocolate cups with fine sugar separately.