817. Sweetbreads En Estouffade

Cut from a small piece of larding pork twenty-four julienne-shaped strips, and with the aid of a small larding needle lard the tops of six medium, fresh, heart sweetbreads, blanched as per No. 33. Lightly butter a cocotte dish (earthen pan) and lay in the breads, one beside another.

With a very small Parisian potato scoop dig out as many pieces as you can from two medium, peeled carrots, two peeled turnips and two peeled potatoes. Chop very finely one white onion. Tie in a bunch one branch parsley, one of chervil, half bean sound garlic, one bay leaf and one clove. Arrange all the vegetables around the breads and lay the bouquet in the centre. Season all around with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Divide half ounce butter into very small bits and distribute it evenly over the breads and vegetables. Cover the cocottiere, set on the range and let gently cook for five minutes. Then set in the oven for thirty minutes. Bring the pan to the oven door, carefully drain all the fat from the bottom and pour in one gill white wine; re-cover the cocottiere, reset in the oven for ten minutes. Remove, take up the bouquet, sprinkle half teaspoon chopped chives over, cover and send to the table.

818. Strawberry Punch

Prepare a lemon-water ice as per No. 376. Press through a cheesecloth into a bowl half pint preserved strawberries, add two drops carmine colouring and one tablespoon Swiss kirschwasser and add the mixture to the water ice in the freezer. Thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon, let rest for ten minutes and serve in six sherbet glasses.

819. Broiled Squab Turkey With Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Procure a fine, tender squab turkey of five pounds. Cut off the legs at the first joints, singe, draw, split in half through back and cut off the neck. Open the bird, tear out the breast bone and thoroughly wipe the inside. Season well all around with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Gently crack the bones between the second joint and body. Thoroughly rub the turkey with a tablespoon oil. Arrange on a double broiler and broil for twelve minutes on each side. Remove, have six freshly prepared, lightly buttered toasts on a large hot dish; place the turkey over the toasts and arrange the grilled sweet potatoes around. Spread a little maitre d'hotel butter over and serve.

820. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Plunge four medium sweet potatoes into two quarts boiling water with half teaspoon salt and boil for thirty-five minutes. Drain, skin, then cut each one into four even slices, lengthwise. Oil the inside of a double broiler, arrange the potatoes on the broiler and broil for five minutes on each side. Remove, lightly roll in a tablespoon melted butter and serve.

821. Plum Pudding

Carefully remove the fibres and strings from half pound fresh beef-kidney suet; finely chop with two tablespoons flour and place in a large bowl, adding half pound well-picked and washed currants, half pound seeded Malaga grapes, quarter pound fresh bread crumbs, two ounces chopped candied lemon peel, half pound fine sugar, half teaspoon ground cinnamon, one saltspoon ground nutmeg, half pint good rum and three eggs. Briskly mix the whole together with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Dip a piece of cloth in cold water and wring it out. Spread the cloth on a table, lightly butter it with the hand and sprinkle a little flour over it; shake the cloth to remove the excess of flour. Place the contents of the bowl in the centre of the cloth, bring up the four corners together so as to entirely enclose the pudding and tightly tie it around. Have plenty of boiling water in a large pan and plunge in the pudding. Cover the pan and let boil for two and a half hours. Remove it from the water and hang up for ten minutes. Cut the string and carefully turn it on a hot dish without breaking.

Dredge with three tablespoons sugar, pour over one gill of rum, set it on fire and immediately serve with a hard sauce separately, prepared as per No. 708.

N. B. The above pudding will be considerably more than enough for one dinner, and whatever is left over can be wrapped in a clean cloth and put away in a cold place, as it will keep in good condition for three weeks.

822. Mousse Au Maraschino, Iced

Line a clean quart pudding mould with white paper and imbed it in salted ice. Place four egg yolks in a copper basin with three ounces fine sugar; set on the fire and rapidly whisk up for five minutes; remove from the fire, set the basin on the ice, add two tablespoons maraschino, one tablespoon kirsch and continually stir until thoroughly cold; then add one pint whipped cream as per No. 337; gently mix with a skimmer, then fill up the mould, tightly cover, bury in a pail of broken ice with rock salt and let freeze for two hours. Remove, unmould on a cold dish with a folded napkin, remove the paper and serve.