Radishes (58) Salted Almonds (954)

Potage Printanier, Grenat

Salmon Steaks, Anchovy Butter

Potatoes, Nannette

Squab Turkey, Devilled, with Bacon

Tomato-Rice au Gratin

Ribs of Lamb, Mint Sauce (255)

Escarole Salad (100)

Darioles, Vanilla

2189. Potage Printanier, Grenat

Cut in small square pieces two medium carrots, one sound turnip, one medium onion, two branches celery and two leeks. Place these in a large saucepan with one and a half tablespoons melted butter and cook to a light brown, stirring once in a while. Then moisten with two quarts broth and half pint tomato juice, add one pound beef bones, season with teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Gently boil fifteen minutes, then add two ounces raw Italian rice, boil forty minutes more, then remove bones. Skin and cut in small square pieces three sound fresh tomatoes, add to the soup, skim fat from top, boil for five minutes, pour potage into a soup tureen and serve.

2190. Salmon Steaks, Anchovv Butter

Procure three pieces fresh salmon of three-quarters of a pound each. Mix on a plate a tablespoon of oil, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon paprika; repeatedly turn steaks in seasoning. Arrange on a broiler and broil six minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Spread an anchovy butter (No. 62) over. Decorate with a little parsley greens and six quarters of lemon and serve.

2191. Potatoes, Nannette

Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a saucepan, adding two tablespoons flour; stir well and cook until a nice brown colour, stirring meanwhile. Moisten with a pint of broth (No. 701). Season with light teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg. Mix well till it comes to a boil. Drop in twelve new peeled potatoes, add two branches parsley and one bay leaf. Cover pan, set in oven forty-five minutes. Remove, take up parsley and bay leaf, pour potatoes into a deep dish and serve.

2192. Squab Turkey, Devilled, With Bacon

Singe, cut off head and feet from a tender squab turkey, split open through back without separating, draw, remove breast bone, neatly wipe, envelop it in a clean coarse towel and neatly flatten with a cleaver. Season it all over with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Rub all over with tablespoon oil. Arrange on a double broiler and broil on a light charcoal fire ten minutes on each side. Remove, evenly spread all over a devilled butter (No. 11), then broil again two minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Place six thin slices freshly broiled crisp bacon over the bird and serve.

2193. Tomato-Rice Au Gratin

Place six ounces rice in a saucepan with pint tomato sauce (No. 16), half pint broth, half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper. Mix well and boil thirty-five minutes, stirring once in a while. Add two ounces grated Parmesan cheese with half ounce butter, mix well, then drop the tomato-rice into a baking dish. Sprinkle a little bread crumbs over, arrange a few small bits butter on top, set in oven to bake twelve minutes. Remove and serve.

2194. Darioles, Vanilla

Roll out on lightly floured table a quarter pound paste (No. 117) exceedingly thin, then line the inside of six individual pudding moulds. Place a little bit of butter at bottom of each mould. Crack two fresh eggs in a bowl, add one and a half ounces sugar, one and a half ounces flour, half teaspoon vanilla essence and three gills milk, and sharply mix with whisk two minutes. Strain the preparation through a cheesecloth into the moulds, evenly divided, place on a pastry tin, set in oven thirty minutes. Remove, unmould on a dish with a folded napkin, sprinkle a little fine sugar over and serve.