Watermelon (2080) Hominy (45)

Omelette with Veal Kidneys

Fried Filet of Sole, Tartare Sauce (487)

Broiled Devilled Pig's Feet

Baked Potatoes (683) Rice Griddle Cakes (221)

2124. Omelette With Veal Kidneys

Trim off fat and remove skin from a fresh veal kidney, and cut in quarter-inch square pieces. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in a black frying pan, add the kidneys and fry five minutes, tossing well once in a while. Sprinkle over three saltspoons salt and saltspoon pepper, lightly toss and drain them.

Carefully crack eight fresh eggs into a bowl, add the kidneys, half a gill milk, half a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Sharply beat with fork two minutes. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in a frying pan, drop in the eggs, mix with fork for two minutes, let rest half a minute, fold opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for a minute, turn on a hot dish and serve.

2125. Broiled Devilled Pig's Feet

Split in two three fine, fat, cooked pig's feet. Season with half teaspoon salt and saltspoon white pepper. Spread a devilled butter (No. 11) on both sides of the feet, roll in bread crumbs, arrange on a double broiler and broil five minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a hot dish and serve.


Marinaded Frogs' Legs, Fried

Mutton Chops, Lilleoise

Garfield Potatoes (1843)

Apple Meringue Pie (732)

2126. Marinaded Frogs' Legs, Fried

Cut away feet from one and a half pounds fresh frogs' legs. Place in a small stone jar and cover with half vinegar and half water, adding one branch parsley, one sliced onion, one crushed bean garlic, a sprig thyme and one bay leaf, mix well and let infuse in a cool place one hour. Drain on a cloth, roll in flour, place in a frying basket, shake a little, then plunge in boiling fat and fry eight minutes. Lift up, sprinkle half teaspoon salt over them, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with six quarters lemon and a little parsley greens and serve.

2127. Mutton Chops, Lilleoise

Neatly trim and flatten six tender mutton chops. Season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg. Mix on a plate three tablespoons fresh bread crumbs with an ounce lean, finely grated ham, a teaspoon freshly chopped parsley and one saltspoon crushed bay leaf. Dip chops lightly in beaten egg, then roll gently in the mixture, arrange on the broiler and broil each side five minutes. Dress on a hot dish, pour three gills tomato sauce (No. 16) in a sauteuse and let reduce on the fire to half the quantity, pour it around the chops and serve.