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Farina with Milk (74)

Shirred Eggs. Kandy

Fried Filets of Flounder, Remoulade Sauce

Broiled Bacon, Diable Baked Potatoes

Puff Cakes (313)

679. Shirred Eggs, Kandy

Finely slice two medium-sized white onions. Have six shirred-egg dishes with a level teaspoon butter in each and thoroughly heat on the range. Evenly divide the onions into the six dishes and brown them to a nice colour, or about five minutes, turning with a fork once in a while. Sprinkle with a teaspoon curry powder, evenly divided; gently mix. Carefully break two fresh eggs in each dish. Season with a teaspoon salt and a third of a teaspoon white pepper, evenly divided.

Set dishes in a hot oven for three minutes, then remove. Peel three ripe bananas and cut in four pieces lengthwise; lightly roll in flour, then fry in boiling fat or butter for one minute. Remove, drain on a towel, then arrange two strips around the side of each dish, ring-like, and serve.

680. Fried Filets Of Flounder, Remoulade Sauce

Make an incision on both sides of a fresh three-pound flounder; carefully lift up the filets, skin well and cut into three equal slanting pieces. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; roll well in the seasoning, lightly turn in flour, then in beaten egg and finally in bread crumbs. Place in a frying basket and fry in boiling fat for five minutes. Lift up and thoroughly drain on a cloth. Dredge half teaspoon salt over, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with parsley greens and six sections of lemon and serve with a remoulade sauce, prepared as per No. 681, in a saucebowl separately.

681. Remoulade Sauce

Chop very fine two branches fresh parsley, two of chives, twelve capers, two anchovies in oil, one medium vinegar pickle, one shallot and one-quarter bean garlic. Place all in a bowl, adding half teaspoon French mustard, a saltspoon salt and one egg yolk; pour in one tablespoon tarragon vinegar. Briskly mix the whole well together with a whisk, then drop in, little by little, one gill olive oil, briskly whisking while adding it. See that the sauce is of same consistency as mayonnaise. Use as required.

682. Broiled Bacon, Diable

Cut from a piece of bacon twelve equal slices one-fifth inch thick. Arrange on a double broiler and broil on a brisk fire for two minutes on each side. Remove and let slightly cool off. Then with the aid of a table knife lightly spread a little devilled butter (half the quantity,as per No. 11) on both sides of each slice. Lightly roll in bread crumbs, rearrange on the broiler and broil for one minute on each side, dress on hot dish and serve.

683. Baked Potatoes

Neatly wipe and place six good-sized, unpeeled, raw potatoes on a tin plate. Set in a brisk oven to bake for forty-five minutes, taking care to turn once in a while. Remove and serve.