Radishes (58) Lyon Sausage (582)

Garbure au Gratin

Kingfish, Colbert (120)

Potatoes, Persillades (63)

Squabs en Crapaudine

Corn Fritters (446) Brussels Sprouts (618)

Roast Beef (126)

Escarole Salad (100)

1301. Garbure Au Gratin

Cut one-half a very small cabbage in quarters, remove the core and outer stale leaves and slice it exceedingly fine. Slice also one carrot, one turnip, one onion, two leeks and two branches celery; place them in a saucepan with three and a half quarts water, adding one ounce of good butter, a half-pound piece salt pork and a cervela sausage. Season with a teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon pepper, cover the pan and let simmer for two hours, then pick up the lard and cervela. (Keep the pork for further use.) Cut the cervela in slices and add to the soup, pour the soup into an earthen soup dish, arrange six slices toasted French bread on top of the soup, 'sprinkle two ounces grated Parmesan cheese over; then set in the oven for twenty minutes. Remove and serve.

1302. Squabs En Crapaudine

Cut off necks and feet, singe, draw and neatly wipe six fat, tender squabs. Split them through the back without separating, remove breast bones, crack legs and wing bones with a cleaver; place between a towel and lightly flatten them, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, roll well in a little melted butter, then in bread crumbs. Arrange on double broiler and broil for eight minutes on each side. Remove, pour a Piquante sauce (No. 177) on a hot dish, dress the squabs, one overlapping another, and serve.

1303. Macedolne Jelly

Finely chop six candied cherries, one each candied pear, apricot, peach, and one ounce candied angelica. Place these articles in a bowl with a tablespoon rum and mix well. Prepare a rum jelly (No. 1171), and when you strain the jelly into the freezer add the contents of the bowl. Mix well and let set, turn on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.