Celery (86) Radishes (58)

Potage, Lomballe

Kingfish, Trouville Potatoes, Persillade (63)

Cotelettes of Mutton, Soubise

String Beans, au Beurre (139)

Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise (342)

Roast Duckling, Apple Sauce (187) Salad Chicory (38)

Pudding, Diplomatic Strawberry Ice Cream

427.- Potage, Lomballe

Plunge one pint split green peas into boiling water for five minutes; drain well, then place the peas in a saucepan with three quarts boiling water and half gill white wine. Set the pan on the fire; season with two teaspoons salt, half teaspoon white pepper, adding half medium sliced carrot, half medium sliced onion, two sliced leeks, two chopped branches parsley, one medium peeled, raw minced potato, one clove crushed garlic, two ounces lean, raw ham and a sprig bay leaf. Cover the pan and let slowly boil for one hour and ten minutes. Strain through a fine sieve into another saucepan. Place on the fire, and as soon as it comes to a boil add one gill Brazilian tapioca. Mix well with a wooden spoon and let boil for twenty-five minutes; then add one gill cold milk; let boil again for two minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile. Pour it into a hot soup tureen and serve.

428. Klngfish, Trouville

Clean, wash and dry well two medium-sized fresh kingfish of one and a half pounds each. Place them in a frying pan with half pint hot water, half gill white wine, half ounce butter, one tablespoon vinegar, a teaspoon salt and a saltspoon cayenne pepper. Set in the oven and bake for twenty-five minutes. Remove, lift the fish with a skimmer, lay on a hot dish and keep warm.

Heat one tablespoon melted butter in a small saucepan, add two tablespoons flour, briskly stir, then strain the fish gravy into this roux and briskly whisk while heating for two minutes; let boil for ten minutes. Dilute one egg yolk with the juice half sound lemon and add to the sauce; stir well again. Plunge eighteen freshly opened Little Neck clams into boiling water for two minutes, take up, drain and add to the sauce; lightly mix. Then pour the sauce over the fish and serve very hot.

429. Cotelettes Of Mutton, Soubise

Neatly trim and lightly flatten six nice, tender mutton chops. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Heat in a frying pan one tablespoon melted butter, then place the cotelettes in the pan, one beside another, and fry on a range for four minutes on each side. Place on a hot plate and keep hot.

Prepare a sauce Soubise as per No. 94. Place the Soubise sauce on a hot dish, arrange the chops over the sauce, one overlapping another, and serve.

430. Diplomatic Pudding

Place in a basin two ounces bread crumbs, one and a half ounces fine sugar, half ounce butter, one ounce picked currants, half ounce finely hashed sweet almonds, three egg yolks and one tablespoon maraschino. Mix all well together for two minutes with a wooden spoon. Then fill six lightly buttered individual pudding moulds with the preparation. Lay the moulds in a tin pan, pour in boiling water up to half their height; set in the oven, and after thirty minutes remove, unmould on a hot dish; pour a hot rum sauce, as per No. 41, over the pudding and serve.

431. Strawberry Ice Cream

Press through a sieve into a bowl half pint preserved strawberries. Have a vanilla ice-cream preparation, as per No. 42, and when removing it from the fire add the strawberry puree (strained); mix well with a wooden spoon; then strain through a sieve into the freezer and proceed to freeze the same as for vanilla.