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Cero Fruto (1610)

Fried Poached Eggs, Perigueux

Whitebait with Curry

Broiled Pigs' Feet (434)

Potatoes, O'Brien (1714)

Kummel Cakes (1691)

2675. Fried Poached Eggs Perigueux

Have three quarts boiling water in a saucepan with three tablespoons vinegar and a tablespoon salt. Crack six fresh eggs in the boiling water and poach for four minutes, lift them up with a skimmer and drop in cold water. Proceed in same manner with six more, take up from water, neatly trim to round shape and drain them on a cloth.

Finely chop one medium truffle and two ounces cooked, lean ham, mix both on a plate, roll eggs in a little melted butter, then in mixture and dip them in bread crumbs. Arrange in a frying basket, fry in boiling fat for two minutes, lift up and drain them well in the basket. Sprinkle a little salt over, dress on dish with a folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley and serve.

2676. Whitebait With Curry

Dip one pound fresh, well-cleaned and wiped whitebait in cold milk, take up and place on a sieve. Sprinkle over two handfuls cornmeal flour, tossing well while adding, place in frying basket, fry in boiling fat for two minutes, remove, drain well in the basket.

Mix on a saucer a teaspoon salt, teaspoon curry powder and salt-spoon cayenne, then sprinkle it over the whitebait while tossing in basket, dress on a dish with folded napkin, decorate with six quarters of lemon and serve.


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