To Take Out Machine Grease

Cold water, ammonia and soap will take out machine grease where other things would fail on account of making the colors run.

What To Do Till The Doctor Comes

Croup: Hot fomentations, flannels wrung out of boiling water, should be applied to the throat, and, if necessary, a warm bath given. Give a teaspoonful of wine of ipecac, or the same quantity of powdered alum stirred into syrup, molasses or honey. Sometimes a few drops of kerosene on brown sugar will relieve the tightness.

Whooping cough: Steaming the throat with thirty drops of pure carbolic acid in two and one-half pints of boiling water is said to be an excellent remedy. A half teaspoonful of kerosene will often relieve the paroxysms of coughing when nothing else will do it.

Antidotes For Poisons

For laudanum, morphine and opium: First give a strong emetic of mustard and water, then very strong coffee and acid drinks; dash cold water on the head, and keep in constant motion.

For arsenic: Give, just as quickly as possible, an emetic of mustard and salt, a tablespoonful of each in a cupful of warm water; then follow with sweet-oil, warmed butter, or milk. You may also use the white of an egg in half a cupful of milk or lime water. Get a doctor as soon as possible.

For ammonia: Give lemon juice or vinegar.

For acids: Give magnesia, soda, or soap dissolved in water every two minutes; then use the stomach-pump, or an emetic.

For belladonna: Give an emetic of mustard, salt and water; then drink plenty of vinegar and water, or lemonade.

For "white lead" and "sugar of lead": Give an emetic, then follow with castor oil, epsom salts or some other good cathartic.