Hang it as long as it can be left with safety, washing over with vinegar every day. Take it down then, wipe with a clean, dry cloth, lay upon a dish and pour over it four or five spoonfuls of salad oil and the juice of a large lemon. Set in a cold place for several hours, turn it over and over, that it may soak up every drop of oil and lemon, and leave it for some hours longer. If it is for breakfast, do this over night. If for supper or a late dinner, begin the preparation in the early morning. Ten or twelve hours are better than four or five.

When you are ready to cook the steak, hold it up for a minute to let the surplus oil drip from it, but do not wipe it. It will be more juicy for the oil bath. Broil quickly over clear coals, turning several times.

A Tough Roasting Piece

Hang it in a cool cellar or meat safe up to the last point of prudence, washing it every day with vinegar. If you suspect a "high" odor, wash it with soda and water, rubbing every part of it with a clean whisk or brush; then go all over it with vinegar or lemon juice before setting it down to roast. Baste frequently.