Tapioca Jelly

Wash the tapioca two or three times. Soak it for five or six hours. Let it simmer in the same water, with some pieces of fresh lemon peel, until it becomes quite clear. Then put the juice of a lemon, a little wine and sugar, according to taste. Allow three tablespoonsful of tapioca to one quart of water.

Tipsy Pudding

Soak a sponge cake in Sherry wine, but dry pieces of cake of any kind can be used. When it is saturated enough, so that it will not fall to pieces, pour over it a boiled custard flavored with anything you like. If placed in a glass dish, decorate it with the beaten whites of the eggs poached, and with dots of jelly. If served in a common platter, squeeze the beaten whites, sweetened and flavored, through a funnel in any fancy shapes over the pudding, and put it into the oven till it is a delicate brown.

Chocolate Custard

Three ounces Walter Baker's chocolate, three pints milk, four tablespoons white sugar, two of brown sugar. Prepare a soft custard of the milk and the yolks of five eggs (white of one). Dissolve the chocolate in a cup of warm milk and heat it to boiling. When cool, sweeten with brown sugar and flavor with vanilla. Pour the whole into a dish, and cover with the whites of the eggs beaten stiff with a little sugar. Brown slightly and serve it cold.

Cold Custard

One quart new milk and half a pint cream mixed, quarter of a pound powdered white sugar, one large glass white wine in which an inch of washed rennet has been soaked, and one nutmeg. Mix the cream, milk and sugar. Stir the wine into it and pour the mixture into custard cups. Set them in a warm place near the fire till they become a firm curd. Then set them on ice or in a cold place, and grate nutmeg over them.


Slice oranges or pineapples in a glass bowl, sweeten well. Put a layer of fruit and a layer of cocoanut, grated, and so on till the bowl is full. Cover with grated cocoanut.

Oranges With Transparent Jelly

Half a dozen perfect oranges.. Make a hole at the stalk with a circular tin cutter half an inch in diameter. Remove all the pulp and loose pith with a small spoon. Soak the oranges in cold water one hour, rinse again in cold water and drain on a cloth; put them in a deep pan and surround them with ice. Fill three with bright pink jelly and the rest with white. When the jelly is firm wipe the oranges and cut into quarters. Serve them on a glass stand.

Irish Cream

Grate the rind and squeeze the juice of one orange into enough sugar to sweeten three pints of cream; whip it to a froth. Dissolve one ounce of isinglass, in one pint of water, and just before it congeals stir it into the whipped cream.

Bavarian Cream

Pour one pint of cold water over one box of Cox's gelatine and let it stand one hour. Then add one and a half pints of boiling water and two teacupsful of sugar. When nearly cold flavor it with vanilla. Churn up one quart of rich cream and beat the froth into the jelly when almost cold.