Snowflake Cake

1 cupfuls white sugar. cupful butter.

Whites of 8 eggs well-beaten. cupful water or milk.

1 teaspoonful cream-tartar. teaspoonful soca sifted with 3 cupfuls of flour.

Flavor with lemon and mix same as Snowdrift Cake. This can 6e baked in a loaf, or in layers, with any desired filling. When for common use the entire 8 eggs can be used and a very little more flour added.

Starch Cake

1 cupful of common starch dissolved in 1 cupful sweet cream.

2 cupfuls of flour.

1 cupful butter.

1 teaspoonful cream-tartar.

2 cupfuls powdered sugar. 7 egg whites beaten to a froth. teaspoonful soda.

Mix butter and sugar. Add the starch dissolved in cream. Sift the cream tartar and soda in the flour, and put the cake together acpording to the rule for Snowdrift Cake. This is a delicious cake and white as snow. Frost with either white or yellow frosting. Flavor to the taste.

Silver Cake

cupful butter.

2 cupfuls powdered sugar creamed together. | cupful milk, or milk and water. 1 teaspoonful lemon or rose. Whites of 6 eggs well-beaten. 8 heaping cupfuls of flour.

teaspoonful soda and 1 teaspoonful cream-tartar. Use white frosting. This makes a good layer cake also, and can be used for a White Fruit Cake by adding:

1 cocoanut grated. pound citron sliced.

1 pound blanched almonds sliced. Dredge these with flour and stir into the cake batter.

Gold Cake

1 cupful sugar and cupful butter, creamed together. Yolks of 6 eggs well-beaten.

Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon.

1/2 teaspoonful soda and 1 teaspoonful cream-tartar sifted with 2 large cupfuls of flour. Add lemon juice and bake. Use yellow frosting. Make Gold and Silver Cake at same time. Bake in square tins (large). Cut in squares and serve mixed in the cake baskets for the sake of contrast.

Plain Silver Cake

Make after recipe for Snowflake Cake.

Plain Gold Cake

1 whole egg and the yolks of 3. 1/2 cupful butter. 1 cupful sugar.

1/2 cupful sweet milk or water. 1 3/4 cupfuls flour. 1/2 teaspoonful soda.

1 teaspoonful cream-tartar.

Flavor with lemon or vanilla. See latter part of recipe for Gold Cake for further directions.

Lady Cake

2 cupfuls powdered sugar creamed with:

3/4 cupful butter. 3/4 cupful sweet milk.

8 cupfuls of flour sifted with 1 teaspoonful baking powder, 6 whites of egg beaten stiff or 4 whole eggs; the whites are nicer. Flavor with essence of almond. Bake in a large shallow pan About one-half hour in a moderate oven. If iced, use the Quick Icing.

Watermelon Cake

White Part

2 cupfuls white sugar. 2/3 cupful sweet milk. Whites of 5 eggs.

| cupful butter. 3 cupfuls flour. 2 teaspoonfuls baking powder.

Red Part

5 eggs, yolks of.

1/3 cupful butter.

pound of seeded raisins left whole and well dredged with flour.

1 cupful red sugar sand, bright. 1/3 cupful sweet milk.

2 cupfuls of flour.

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder.

Put the red batter in the center of the pan and pour the white around the outside. It is better that two persons should fill the pan. This will be found a delicious and ornamental dish. One cupful of blanched almonds may be cut in halves and stirred in the white part with a very good effect.