Rose Powder

Oil of rose, 24 drops; carmine or rose pink, 12 grains; rice flour, very fine, 1 pound. Mix. Harmless and good.

Liquid Face Powders, Or Cosmetic Washes - Balm Of Beauty

1 ounce of glycerine, 1 ounce of alcohol, ounce of tincture of benzoin, 2 ounces pure prepared chalk, 1 grain of carmine will give it a flesh tint if desired. Shake well and apply to the face with a soft sponge. When thoroughly dry carefully remove any superfluous traces, and the result will be very satisfactory Where powder has ceased to avail.

Cream Of. Roses

3 ounces oxide of zinc, ounce glycerine, pint rose-water, pint rain water, 2 or 3 grains of carmine will give a flesh tint. Use as above.

Skin Irritations, Mosquito Biles, Etc

1 teaspoonful carbolic acid, 1 pint rose-water. Mosquito bites, heat, irruptions, will yield to the magical influence of this wash, which may be used for grown people or invalids, or take 50 drops of carbolic acid and mix with 1 ounce of glycerine. Apply this at night, and it will not only prove a perfect prevention from mosquitoes, but will sooth and heal those already received, and remove their unsightly blotches. Diluted, it will serve the same purpose for infants. Two drops of oil of roses may be added if the odor is unbearable.

Depilatories (For The Removal Of Superfluous Hair)

Perhaps the most surely effective method is to pull the hair out by the roots. The best instrument for this purpose is a 'stick of resin, tempered with wax, with the addition of a strong anodyne.

Tweezers may also be used to remove the hair, though this is slower and more painful. Care should be taken not to break off the hairs in the process, as this renders them harsh and stiff. Continual pulling will, in the end, extirpate the obnoxious growth of hair. To keep the hair from growing, bathe the part often with strong camphor or clear ammonia. The latter will serve as a depilatory, but is painful and should be washed off at once. Strong washes of pearlash will kill the poor scattering hair at the back of the neck and on the forehead. All of these applications tend to harden the skin, and sweet oil or vaseline should be well rubbed in after their use.

Whitening and clearing the arms of hair may be attained by bathing them daily for two minutes in a hot solution of chloride of lime in the proportion of 2 tablespoonfuls of the lime to a quart of hot water. Rinse carefully in vinegar and water, the acid kills the . lime, after which rub them with sweet oil to soften the skin. Do not inhale the fumes of this. It is best to bathe them before an open window.

Depilatory (No. II)

1 ounce sulphuret barium. Mix rapidly into a paste with a little finely powdered starch, or flour and warm water. Apply it to the superfluous hair, let remain a few minutes, not more than five, and wash off with warm water. If the skin is left tender, rub with sweet oil, cold cream or vaseline. Repeat until the growth ceases. It is a poisonous article, and great care must be taken in its use. Make a portion of the sulphuret into a strong solution at a time, and stir in the flour, or starch, to form the paste as wanted.