The Tooth Brush

The Tooth Brush should not be too stiff.

Toothpicks are indispensable and the best is a slender, well-sharpened quill. Avoid metallic ones. Still another adjunct to their care is a piece of white floss silk (dentist's floss), fold it back and forth two or three times and wax. Draw this between every single tooth at least once a day and dentist's bills will be marvelously lessened. The closer the teeth are together, the greater the necessity for its use. If the gums bleed slightly at first it makes no difference.

Powdered Charcoal

Powdered Charcoal easily removes stains and makes the teeth white, though it occasionally works under the gums.

How To Clean And Polish The Teeth

Dip the end of a match, breaking off the sulphur part, in powdered pumice stone and rub above and between and under the teeth until every trace of foreign accumulation has been removed. Finish by rubbing the face and crown of the tooth with a silk handkerchief dipped in the powder.

Tooth Wash

2 ounces of borax dissolved in 3 pints of boiling water; before it is cold add 1 teaspoonful of tincture of myrrh, 1 tablespoonful of spirits of camphor. Bottle. When wanted for use, mix 1 tablespoonful of this with twice the amount of warm water and apply daily with a soft brush. It will preserve the teeth, extirpate all tartarous adhesion, arrest decay and make the teeth pearly white. Never use a tooth wash but once a day. The teeth should be brushed several times, but pure water should answer the remainder of the time. The Hair Wash given before, diluted with warm water, makes an excellent tooth wash.

Tooth Powders

Equal parts of white Castile soap grated fine, and prepared chalk, precipitated. Mix and use as a tooth powder. The chalk may be used alone and is very nice, or the brush may be rubbed on white Castile soap and then dipped in the chalk.

The above may be wet to a paste with 1 part camphor and 6 parts soft water. Work smooth; put in a wide-mouthed bottle and cork. Use with a brush. Charcoal may be mixed with honey if it is used for a dentifrice.

Unhealthy Gums

20 drops carbolic acid, 2 drachms spirits of wine, 6 ounces distilled water. Use first a soft tooth brush with water, after which pour a little of the lotion on the brush and use. In a very short time the gums become less tender, and any impurity of the breath will be removed. Perfume the lotion slightly if wished, but very slightly.

Impure Breath

To secure a sweet breath dissolve a small piece of liquorice in the mouth after the use of the tooth brush. This sweetens the mouth and stomach. Keep some of it broken of in a glass bottle on the toilet table; pat a piece in the month at bed time also.

If the teeth are decayed, wash the month with tincture of myrrh dilluted with a little water, a bit of burned alum kept in the mouth at night is a help to sweeten the breath also; or take roasted coffee grains, conceal the odor of onions, etc., also a bit of Canada snake root.

Toothache Drops

1 ounce of alcohol (33 degrees), 4 grains of camphor, 20 grains of opium in powder, 80 drops of oil of cloves. Sure. Keep on hand.

Tincture Of Benzoin

A few drops on cotton, pressed into the decayed tooth, is a sure cure for toothache.